Another Doggie Faith Lesson


Tonight, as I watched blind Glory snuggled up in a small crate with her best buddy two-footed Winnie, I received yet another doggie faith lesson.

Directly next to their crate, Grace, who was hit by two cars at a gas station where she was abandoned, cuddled up in her own crate. “Glory,” I said, “Winnie and Grace look exactly alike, but you know which one Winnie is.” The lesson?

Glory lives by faith, not by sight. She knows her best buddy without sight. What about you? What about me? We are called to walk by faith, not by sight. But how often do we end up snuggled up with a false god instead of the one true God of the universe? Just today, the Lord chastened me and brought me to repentance for worshiping a false god.

One would think by now that I could “see” the real God from a false god. Yet again, I had placed my faith in something other than God. When God opened my “eyes”, I found myself focused on the world rather than God. I was glorifying man instead of the Lord. So how exactly can I keep from falling into this trap, or from being released from the trap when I do fall into it?

1. An intimate relationship with the Lord
2. Spending time with the Lord
3. Being filled with and led by His Holy Spirit
4. Being solidly grounded in His Word and learning how to apply it to my life
5. Praying
6. Being immersed in the Body of Christ
7. Confessing and receiving God’s forgiveness when we fall

If I do not know who God is, how will I recognize Him? To know Him, I need not merely to be introduced to Him – not merely to ask Him into my life. I need to make a commitment to follow Him, and to follow through on my commitment.

Glory and Winnie, I am quite sure, are still snuggled up together. They know where they belong. They spend quality time together. They rest in each other’s company. Sometimes it’s hard looking at them to know where one of them ends and the other begins.

Why not snuggle up with the one, the true, the only, God of the universe, and get to know Him? 

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