Another Slice of Humble Pie

I have had a piece of yummy chocolate cake hibernating in my refrigerator untouched since Christmas day, but I have delved hungrily – and ashamedly – into yet another piece of Humble Pie without a second’s thought. I may have spared myself a zillion chocolate covered calories, but I didn’t spare myself a single ounce of indulgence when it came to landing myself smack dab – and yuck – into yet another humbling taste of – well, let’s get right down to it.

I knew as soon as I had hung up the phone from talking to a loved one that I had messed up. No, that’s not quite accurate. Not at all, really. I knew as I was speaking to him that I was messing up. Yes, I knew right in the midst of the mess I was making that I was making a mess. I even felt the Holy Spirit nudging me, prompting me, encouraging me, doing anything He could possibly do to get my attention and get me to stop what the heck I was doing. What exactly was I doing? Please, hold your laughter. I was telling my loved one – with a heart full of pride, self righteousness, and judgment – exactly what he and the world needs to do when it comes to Jesus. Go figure. Nothing like making a mess when talking about Jesus. Please, hold your laughter. Did I say that already? Well, I meant it.

“I’m sorry,” I told my loved one even as I spoke. “I had no intention of calling you to talk about this,” I said several times. Several times? I should have had to only say this once. If I had obeyed the Lord as He prompted me to ZIP MY LIP, I would not have had to say this again – and again. Now wait, hadn’t I called my loved one to see how I could pray for him and what needs he has so I could see how I might be able to help? Yes. That had been my intention. But what had I done?

I had mounted my high horse called Pride, gathered my Religious reins in my Controlling hands, and stampeded off in – what direction? Well, I can’t say exactly. I can only say that the Lord orders the steps of a righteous man (Psalm 37:23 KJV), and I was not following any steps but my own. Sadly, I carried on my wayward way. How did I proceed? I did exactly what I had so lovingly, carefully, humbly not so long ago repented for before the Lord and sought forgiveness for from my loved one. I spouted off my own fleshly thoughts, opinions, and judgments about how I felt he was faring in his walk with the Lord – not to mention the people around him. Oh my God!

How do you think I felt when I got off the telephone? Ugh. Yuck. Ick. Not too great. Throughout the day, on and off, I looked back a bit at the mess I had made. I even asked God to forgive me. I did not think to call my loved one to seek forgiveness. I was not entirely sure if I should – or not. And I didn’t.

Then came the chocolate cake. Did I say chocolate cake? No, I meant Humble Pie. Guess what happened.

The phone rang this evening. I looked at my Caller ID. Guess who? My loved one. Should I answer it? It had been a long day, such a long day.

I answered it.

“I felt God put it on my heart to call you,” my loved one said.

Oh my God. God put it on his heart? Now think about it. After I had made my mess of judging my loved one’s walk with the Lord, guess what actually happened? God worked in his heart! Imagine that! God actually put something on his heart.

“I know you were upset about what you said to me,” my loved one said. “And I just wanted to call you and tell you it’s okay. I’m not made at you. I know you meant what you said out of a place of love.”

My God. My God. I didn’t just get a skinny slice of Humble Pie. I got the whole fresh-out-of-the-oven pie. How so? My loved one wasn’t done with me yet. He then proceeded to talk to me about compassion, and how I needed to have compassion. He didn’t say I needed to have compassion for him. He said I needed to accept that I’m human, that I make mistakes, and to be okay with that.

I started crying. Of course. Nothing like salty tears on Humble Pie.

For those of you who may not know Jesus, or for those of you who know Him and forget sometimes like I do, Jesus hated religion. Jesus isn’t about the traditions of man. He is all about the love of the Father in heaven. God is love, after all.

And while I had looked down from my horse called Pride at my loved one for his relationship with the Lord, I was the one who was walking in everything but the love of Jesus Christ. And, go figure, God used the very person I had hurt to teach me a lesson in what the love of Jesus really does.

The love of Jesus loves. The love of Jesus forgives. And the love of Jesus doesn’t throw someone’s Humble Pie into that person’s face. It loves, and it forgives.

Just like Jesus.

Humble Pie anyone?

Thank you Jesus for showing me your love through the very person I hurt. Forgive me for the hurt I caused. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for his forgiveness. I receive your forgiveness. I receive his forgiveness. Please help me not to walk in condemnation. Please help me to love and forgive as you do – even myself. I love you Lord! You are awesome – Humble Pie and all. Amen.

Rom 8:1 KJV  “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

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