Anyone Want to Help an ANGEL?

Some angels fly in the heavens, some angels dance around our lives, some angels deliver messages from God, and then there is the kind of Angel who could use some more angels of her own.
Angel has come such a very long way since her human angel whisked her out of a shelter to avoid euthanization, gave her the best of emergency veterinary care, and handed her off to Walk by Faith Ministry for further healing, but Angel still has a long journey ahead. 
Her original condition was dire. She was severely emaciated, had malignant skin cancer, her teeth were ground down in the front, she was missing half the hair on her body, she had elephant skin, and she had likely been hit by a car that left her with a permanent disabled walk. 
She is now happily, and chubbily – and perhaps permanently – settled into Walk by Faith Ministry, where she spends most of her time curled up on a dog bed and pink blanket waiting for her next meal. She is super quiet, shy, and loves to be still and enjoy the peace and quiet of being on her own. 
She is one of Walk by Faith Ministry’s special needs dogs – the kind that requires ongoing medical support and is not one of the most adoptable dogs. 
Angel is also in need once again. After being seen by multiple vets over the past months that have yet to diagnose her ongoing skin issues (the cancer was removed), she is headed back to the veterinarian for a special biopsy to try to put a name to her skin condition and come up with a solution. 
Periodically, she becomes uncomfortably itchy and loses hair while her skin becomes dry, hard, and sometimes sheds pieces. No veterinary treatment thus far has sufficiently addressed the problem.
Angel needs a miracle, so prayer is her number one request. She also could use some financial help as she returns to her doctor for the next round of testing. 
Suffice it to say, Angel is an angel – and could use a few of her own right now. Please note we seeking to raise an estimated $250 to cover a skin biopsy and diagnosis, along with prescribed medications. The actual amount may be lower or higher. Any extra donations will be passed along to others in need. If more is needed, we will share her need!
If you are interested in adopting Angel, another special needs dog, or a super healthy one, please contact us at 
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