Are You in the Right Position?


“Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.” Psalm 100:2……………….

If you are a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, are you in the right position to be used by God to bring glory to His name? To serve Him by helping to build His Kingdom of followers? The Holy Spirit placed on my heart 12 ways in which it’s important we who follow Jesus are in the right position when it comes to service to God.

  1. POSITION IN OUR HEARTS. Is Christ above all else in our hearts & lives?
  2. POSITION OF FAITH & FAITHFULNESS. Is our FAITH in Christ as LORD and SAVIOR, and are we FAITHFUL in our commitment and devotion to Christ as LORD?
  3. POSITION OF LOVE. Are we consciously committedly daily loving God with all our hearts and loving others in His name?
  4. POSITION OF READINESS. Are we READY to serve God no matter where He calls us when He calls us wherever He calls us for whatever He calls us for whomever He calls us for HIS GLORY?
  5. POSITION OF WILLINGNESS. Are we WILLING to serve God no matter the cost to our flesh, comfort, personal dreams, etc. such that we will submit to Him no matter His calling?
  6. POSITION OF PREPAREDNESS. Are we PREPARED to serve God in that we spend time daily with Him at His feet studying His Word, being conformed to Him and transformed by Him, being in relationship with Him continually, being solidly planted in Christ’s Body and assembling with fellow Christ followers in church, Bible study, house church, or a similar setting and being connected to His Body continually?
  7. POSITION OF PRAYER. Are we PRAYING regularly?
  8. POSITION OF SEEKING. Are we SEEKING God daily for His will for us and staying steadily in study of His Word and seeking godly counsel as needed so we can discern His will for us?
  9. POSITION OF HEARING. Are we taking the time not to just pray to God, but to HEAR God? He only and always speaks in line with His Word.
  10. POSITION GEOGRAPHICALLY. Are we physically where God wants us, whether that be where we live, where we go to church, where we work, where we spend time alone with Him, etc.? And are we willing to move wherever He wants us GEOGRAPHICALLY whether it’s as simple as walking down the street so we can help someone He wants us to help or whether it’s as enormous as moving to the other side of the world to serve Him?
  11. POSITION OF OBEDIENCE. Are we living our everyday lives in submission to God, in OBEDIENCE to Him, and are we willing and ready to obey when He gives us instructions?
  12. POSITION OF THANKSGIVING. Are we THANKFUL daily to God for His greatness and His goodness, for His will and ways, for His spiritual blessings and physical provision, most of all for our relationship with Him? And are we THANKFUL even in the thick of trials and storms because He is God and is worthy of our praise all the time? And are we THANKFUL even when we don’t like how or where He has called us to serve Him or the circumstances of how He has called us to serve Him?

The more I have loved the Lord, the more I have served Him, the more I have discovered the necessity of all of the above when it comes to faithfully following and lovingly serving Him. There is no greater role model in the universe when it comes to servanthood than the Lord Jesus Christ in His service to God the Father in His years on this earth, and was He not the greatest example of all of the above when it came to being in the right position to serve?

Are you in the right position?




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