At the Feet of the Lord


At the Feet of the Lord

“And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus’ feet, and heard his word…But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:39-42

    How much time are you spending at the feet of the Lord? Lots of people know the story of sisters Mary and Martha, and how Jesus responds to Martha’s complaints about her sister not helping her with serving by telling her what is best, and everlasting, is to spend time at His feet. I know a woman who talks constantly about this preacher and that preacher, what this one said, what that one said, and what this sermon was about and that one was about. She sits at the feet of all of them, listening, learning, and relying on whatever they feed her. I’d be surprised if she would even know if she is hearing false teaching or God’s Truth, for she doesn’t appear to spend much time at the feet of the Lord feasting on His Word, learning of Him, and allowing the Spirit of God to transform her. There is only one reason I recognize this about her. It’s not merely because I see this in countless people I meet; it’s exactly what I did myself – for years.

I didn’t sit at the feet of Jesus. I sat at the feet of Christianity. I bounced around from preacher to preacher, from one Christian book to another, from church to church, from one Christian mentor to another, from one online sermon to another, bounce, bounce, bounce, until one day the Lord got a hold of me and showed me I had made idols out of preachers. Today, in retrospect, I see I made an idol out of Christianity. I was easy prey for Satan. I fell under false teaching, and I couldn’t see this because I wasn’t sitting at Jesus’ feet and learning the Truth. I had to be stripped of virtually everything in my life, Christianity as an institution included, for me to see I had no personal relationship with the Lord at all, no true commitment to His Word and willingness to be changed by His Spirit, and that I needed to change the feet at which I was sitting. I hope I never forget the day I realized I was telling the world more about what my favorite pastor was teaching than what Jesus says in His Word. I was quoting my pastor more than I ever said the word Jesus. I didn’t know God’s Word. I knew what others were telling me about it – true or false. There was plenty of false!

Jesus doesn’t just say Mary is doing the  best thing of all by sitting at just anyone’s feet. He is talking about sitting at HIS. How do we sit at HIS feet? By opening our hearts and Bibles, praying and seeking His face, praising the Lord and pouring out our hearts, falling in love with Him, worshiping and adoring Him, being changed by the Spirit of Christ, and by following Him fervently every breath of our lives! Have you made this commitment?

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