Be Faithful!


No matter how little nor how big you believe the service to which the Lord calls you day by day, no matter how greatly significant or only a tiny bit significant you believe His work to which He calls you may seem in your eyes, no matter what others may think whether greatly or poorly about the tasks to which the Lord calls you, please, friend, BE FAITHFUL with whatever the Lord’s will for you is as you walk down the pathway He sets before you. Be diligent to do what He calls you to do, and may your heart be overflowing with love for Him, with devotion to Him, with passion for Him, and with a fervent desire to bring Him love, pleasure, joy, honor, praise, and glory in all you do for the Lord on this earth.

Lord, you know I’m a woman of many words, oh God. This one I am led to keep short. This prayer of mine. Oh, God, please dear Father help us all to be faithful with whatever you call us to do day by day and forevermore, all in your name, in your strength, in your love, for your almighty forever and ever glory, oh Lord, AMEN! Funny Father how even a “short” prayer I can make long. Oh, Lord, you know my heart! Thank you for answering my prayer in this, oh Lord, AMEN!

The following verse really tugs on my heart. We could accumulate all the earthly temporary pleasures and treasures and riches in this life, but nothing compares in the way of riches to God almighty, to a forever relationship with Him, to His Spirit and His Word, to His promises and to living totally sold out to Him. Oh, let us be faithful, oh yes! Amen!

“A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.” Proverbs 28:20 KJV

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