The Big “F” Word


The Big “F” Word

   “…open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.” Psalm 81:10

   “And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.” Psalm 41:3

I had one of the dirtiest mouths imaginable. I thought I was cool. Instead I was bound. The “f” word was a regular for me. The hardness of my filthy words reflected my despicably wicked hardened heart and my sin-ridden life. Little did I know God would draw me by His Spirit to Himself, save me through His precious Son Jesus, sweep me off my feet into a gloriously loving relationship with Him, and give me a new “f” word. F is for freedom. The kind of freedom that only comes in the Lord Jesus Christ. He took away my sickening mouth, demolished the hardness of my heart by His Spirit through His Word over time, gave me a new heart in Christ, and gave me freedom in His amazing mercy. Freedom not just from an ugly mouth, but from an ugly life. Freedom from a life of heading straight to hell eternally separated from God. The freedom of a new life in Christ.

Now He has filled my heart and mouth with “a new song”. He has filled my mouth with His love, His Word, and praise. When I fall short in this, His Spirit corrects me, I repent, He cleanses me once again in His mercy, and He teaches me daily how to walk in His love, His grace, His strength, His freedom, His peace, His hope, His light, for His glory. Free. So free!

What does freedom look like? Freedom means I follow Jesus instead of the world, I strive to follow God’s Spirit instead of my flesh, that I am via Christ heaven bound rather than hell bound, that I learn to use my mouth to love, worship, pray, praise and proclaim Him and to edify others rather than to curse God, curse life, and curse others. He has filled my heart and mouth with the Truth of the Gospel, with His Word, and an immeasurable passion to help people become and remain forever Christ followers. He fills my mouth daily with thanksgiving instead of complaining, and my heart and mouth with heartfelt sorrow when His Spirit convicts me of sin and a thirst for mercy and an insatiable hunger to draw nearer to Him.

Freedom is loving God and living for God, learning to leave the past behind me as I press forward in being conformed to Christ and growing ever closer to God with whom through Christ I will spend forever. Freedom is being set free from the death, hell, and lake of fire penalty of living in sin so that I am now free to live forever for Christ Jesus my Lord.

God has given me a new “f” word. F is for freedom. Immeasurable freedom. The freedom, and desire, to be wholly His. Forevermore.

   Are you free in Christ? Are you wholly His? Repent of your sins. Believe in Him. Follow Him. Be free forever through Christ! May your heart, mouth, and life be filled with the Lord!

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