BIG Prayer Request from Lara

Dear friend,

This week marks 4 years of being on the road full-time for the Lord & ministry with my handicapped ministry dogs with no permanent base anywhere writing & publishing tracts, a devotional magazine, & books & video devotionals and doing streets, hotel, & beach ministry with no traditional salary, a car with about 260,000 miles on it, a history of decades of brokenness beyond human hope & repair, ongoing personal challenges – and the utterly amazing Lord Jesus Christ who is reaching people worldwide through this daughter & servant of His to help them find and follow Him forevermore!

I am currently in south Florida where I have been for the past month going through a very challenging season of seeking the Lord regarding what He wants me doing and where He wants me going, His growing and testing me, unbelievable attack from the devil, and numerous urges to quit given my lifelong struggles and this current season of challenge. But the Lord in His love and mercy is giving me everything I need to press on in His strength for His glory.

I am writing to ask for BIG PRAYER with all of this and in particular one very significant matter. While my Good News Daily goes out worldwide via the internet, my Finding the Light tract including my personal story and the Gospel message and my lara love’s Good News Magazine go out around the United States via my streets ministry work, by mail upon request, and to prisons, jails, homeless shelters, rescue missions, street preachers, individuals led to distribute them, to hotels, a Christian pregnancy center, a Christian medical clinic, and wherever else and to whomever the Lord desires.

Yesterday, the company that agreed in writing to print and prepare and ship the booklets with no prior notice backed out of its agreement and refused to even do one courtesy order I requested to help me at least move forward with issue 8 of my devotional magazine. I spent about 6 weeks working with the company to get everything started after I learned in a very short time both of my helpers would no longer be able to help for the long haul. When I left South Carolina about a month ago to go to my next destination on the road for Jesus, I was thrilled everything was in place for me to focus on the Lord, His Word, and the ministry work to which He has called me without the printing production and shipping being on my shoulders and weighing on my mind.

Sadly, for some years now, over and again, I have lost the help I have had in preparing these booklets. I have reached out to countless companies to see if they could help affordably, and always their even discounted offers have been way too high. I have equipment for people to do this out of their homes, and this would be best for people who are very committed to the Lord, to loving & serving Him & others, and to making the sacrifice to do the work in a timely, humble, and loving manner with their hearts truly in the work for the Lord and understanding the serious and significant nature of it and all those around the country in need of receiving help and encouragement in finding and following the Lord Jesus Christ.

I will be honest with you. Given the various issues I have faced in the past month including this, and the losses of two of my beloved handicapped ministry dogs over the past 6 months, along with coming to a new place far away from loved ones where I am very much on my own in a very crowded, congested, high-traffic area that is commercial beyond belief, with working hard to find a replacement car, and with seeking the Lord about the next possible location, and on and on, this is the greatest amount of stress I have been under in a very long time.

With all my heart, I ask you if you would join me in crying out to the Lord as greatly and as often as you are led for His will, His provision, for physical help with this ministry, for continued financial support to help me fulfill my life’s calling through the ministry, for the health of myself and the dogs, for absolutely anything He places on your heart.

I have sought the Lord over and again if perhaps He wants me to stop distributing these booklets around the country. I am willing to stop as sad as I would be. But I have not as of yet sensed this is the answer. I believe God has the answer and provision for that to which He calls me. I have also wondered if perhaps I should simply send the books I write to the distribution list at least to the prisons and such while the homeless shelters could get booklets, but the price of sending so many books would be enormous. Unless the Lord sends sponsors for all this.

Friend, please pray with me. Please pray for me. I am on fire for the Lord and for telling the world about Him more than imagination. And I am asking you to join with me in prayer for His love, mercy, grace, wisdom, strength, hope, joy, etc. as I do my best to press on. I confess to you I am worn and weary. I am sad to admit over the years I have had very little physical help with the ministry and it has often been short-lived when I have had it. Rest assured I am truly thankful for those who have loved, encouraged, and prayed for me and given donations. But I am a middle-aged woman on the road for Jesus with my sweet handicapped ministry dogs devoted 24-7 to the Lord and ministry needing rest and refreshing along the way with exceedingly little physical help & support.

I love the Lord with all my heart, I am totally committed to Him and ministry no matter the cost to my flesh, and I will keep crying out to the Lord for His will in my life and ministry that I might live my every breath to love, honor, praise, worship, delight, bring pleasure and joy to, serve, obey, and glorify the Lord and to help others to do the same!

Now I am asking you to please pray, pray, pray until the Lord makes clear His will in all this – and then please keep praying!

Love & blessings, lara

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