Blessings, Blessings, Blessings

I was utterly shocked one day to find myself saying aloud that I was one blessed woman. Given the numerous challenges and circumstances I faced for decades, coupled with my ongoing struggle with sin, not to mention a history of being altogether too negative, I was astounded to realize that I had come to see myself as blessed. 

But the biggest surprise of all was not that I had come to see myself as blessed. It was that I had finally realized that my greatest blessings are not physical and tangible. They cannot be touched and tasted. For my biggest blessings are spiritual, and they begin with the greatest one of all. The Lord. And my greatest blessing, the Lord, is the source of all the beautiful, spiritual blessings I have discovered. 

When you count your blessings, which one is at the top of the list? If the Lord is not your number one blessing, it is time to re-arrange your blessings list. Begin with Him. For He is the greatest blessing of all. And unlike all the things and people in life that come and go, the Lord is forever. When you make the Lord your number one love, and your number one priority, and come to see Him as your number one blessing, you will begin to discover all the beautiful, spiritual blessings that come from Him. 
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