Broken Girl, Broken Dreams

I didn’t go to church yesterday. I went to a park instead. I held the girl in my arms and prayed for her before I released her. “How old are you?” I asked. “Four,” she replied quietly. She was not. The woman who barked orders at her in the park where I had met them reminded her. She was five. But what are birthdays to a sack of bones skinny girl who gets beaten up with words and lives in a homeless shelter. “Want some bread?” I offered. She didn’t.

What’s a loaf of bread to a girl who plays hopscotch between a homeless hangout in a park to a shelter to a soup kitchen to who knows where else? I could have held her in my arms forever. I asked her if she believes in the Lord. She nodded her head yes, but what do I know? Her words were so few. She could have blown away in the frailty of her life. But instead she is stuck where she is – at the mercy of big peoples’ brokenness. Herself broken. And after I handed her caretaker a couple of loaves of bread and a sleeping bag, I had to walk away – knowing I couldn’t steal her away and tuck her in at night and say with a loving whisper, “sweet dreams, little one.” Instead, I had to leave her where she was – caught up in a merciless life. Have mercy, dear Lord. Help the broken. Help me to help the broken. Help us all, Lord. Please, somehow, Lord, in some way, Lord, give this little girl sweet dreams. And all the others. The endless broken lives I encounter. Have mercy, dear Lord. Amen.

Someone challenged me recently to not be so “in your face” with my words. My response? I desire to be more in your face than ever. We are living in a world that needs to wake up. The need is endless. I ENCOURAGE YOU to step out of your comfort zone and give. Give the Lord. Give His provision. Give His love. Give bread. Give a prayer. Give a hug. A smile. A donation. A sleeping bag. A blanket. A coat. An ear. Your time. Your care. A Bible. Give. Give. And give. Just as the Lord has given you. Give. 

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