Carry Me Lord


A poem I wrote sitting in the sun on July 31, 2023 in the midst of an incredibly hard and life-changing season of my life. May you be blessed and encouraged!

Carry Me Lord

Carry me Lord

In your everlasting arms

Above the waves

Of the stormy sea

I see your love oh Lord

In your Word so evident

But far short I fall

In believing your love for me

But in you oh Lord I place my trust

In you my God I place my life

Give me the faith to surrender all

That I might see your glory

Your grace, mercy, and truth

Your lovingkindness so magnificent

And believe and know it for myself

As you lift me up above the waves

And carry me close to your heart

Far above the raging sea

Of the trials of this life

Draw me near to you

Precious Jesus

And as by faith

I come into your arms

To abide in your loving embrace

Show me the wondrousness

Of abiding forever in your glorious presence

My Jesus, my God, my Lord, my refuge, my shelter, my forever King!

I love you Jesus! Amen!

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