Carry Me


“The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed,

A refuge in times of trouble. And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.” Ps. 9:9-10………

When I learned the closest female friend I had ever had had been found dead with a shotgun wound to her chest, and knew it was just as possible she was murdered as it was she had killed herself, there was only one thing I could do – and did, instinctively – amid my unbelievable emotions.

“Carry me, Lord! Carry me!” I cried out to Him over and again. What else could I say? What could I do? I cried out to Him because I knew He was the only one in the universe who could get me through the news of her death, coupled with all the emotions surrounding the details and circumstances of our friendship, of the joys, of the trials, of so very much that comes with such a close friendship and given our own personal stories.

The Lord had used the dog Elijah she had adopted from me to bring me into her life to help lead her to Him, and to a forever relationship with Him, and I couldn’t have been more humbled that He had, and at how He had, and at the friendship with which He blessed us both. But how would I deal with this unbelievable loss? And with the worry that I had not been a good enough friend, that what if I had failed her, why had our friendship taken a turn, where had she stood with the Lord before her death, and on and on?

One way. The only way. The Lord Jesus Christ. I called out to God to carry me through it all, and that’s exactly what He did. And what He does. He leads me. And He carries me. He loves me. And He grows me. And in His fellowship I shall be forever. With my beloved forevermore. The one who carries me forth.

Cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ. Cry out!

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