Dangerous Day of My Life


One of the most dangerous days of my life occurred decades ago when I attended a self-help group and was told to look at a big bunch of images of facial expressions and choose which one(s) described my feelings at the time. For years and years to come, I immersed myself in all sorts of psychology, psychiatry, 12-step groups, self-help groups, self-help books, etc. Everywhere I went, I was taught emphatically that I should live my life for me and base my choices and decisions on myself and my feelings. I had been a very emotional person all the way back to childhood but been criticized for how emotional I was. Now it was being drilled into me that this was the right way to live. MY feelings should direct MY life. That day it was as though the devil took 100% control of my life – through my feelings and this idea that we as humanity should live for ourselves based on our emotions and our personal happiness.

Friend, today, by God’s grace alone, the Lord Jesus Christ rules and reigns in my life. I am still an emotional and sensitive person, but I don’t live for me according to my feelings. I live for the Lord according to His will. My emotions don’t rule and reign. The Lord Jesus Christ does. It is no longer MY life. It is my life in Christ. My life for Christ. My life has been fully devoted to THE LORD.

That dangerous day was decades ago. I am still learning day by day what it means to follow Jesus and not look at a sheet of paper and pick out which images best describe how I feel. Happy face? Sad face? Angry face? Scared face? Oh, sure, I have plenty of emotions. But I am learning how not to let them lead the way. And, when I fall back into making a decision based on my feelings instead of according to the Lord’s will, I repent and quickly get back on the right path. Living for Jesus – day by day and forevermore!

Dear Lord, I believe to one extent or another we ALL need help with this. This world teaches us to live for self. You call us to live for you. Please be patient with us as we learn Lord this new way of life. Please get us on the right path. Yours. Please help us to get our emotions off the throne. Thank you for reminding us Lord that you have purchased your followers with the price of your shed blood on the cross. So we belong to you Lord and are to live for you Lord. And our flesh can be so unbelievably loud, and our emotions can rant and rave and scream and cry and throw a temper tantrum to get us to live by them. Lord, help us to not live by them nor for ourselves. Help us to live to love and glorify you forevermore. AMEN!

“For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

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