Do Not Doubt


“Now the just shall live by faith;
But if anyone draws back,
My soul has no pleasure in him.”” Hebrews 10:38………..

“Do not doubt because of what you see and feel,” the Spirit of God just told me moments ago. More accurately, the Spirit of God reminded me. For He had already told me this in the past day or so. Most accurately, He’s been telling me that for a very long time. In His Word. For He is teaching me to walk by faith. To live by Faith. Not to live according to what I see with my human eyes, and to what I feel in my human heart. He’s been teaching me to live according to Him, to His Word, to His Bible, to His wisdom, to His directions, to the leading of His Holy Spirit, no matter what. He’s not just teaching me this, you know. This message is for all who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord. This is for all who are promised everlasting life. This is for all who turn away from a lifestyle of sin, place their trust in Christ who died for our sins and sin penalty and was raised from the dead, for all who turn to God and His ways instead, to all who will follow Jesus forever, to all who won’t die and go to hell and the lake of fire, but to all who are given a forever relationship with God almighty.

I’ve been in New York City for less than a month, and it’s challenging. Challenging is an understatement. I’m far away from my loved ones, it’s rained and rained, it’s been cold a lot of the time, I have no friendships yet with anyone in the city, I’ve had moving issues, apartment issues, dog issues, worry issues, I’ve had to figure out everything imaginable, I’ve had scary moments, I’ve had yucky experiences, I’ve had this and that and faced one thing and another, so all of a sudden the Lord reminds me when I start wondering for the umpteenth time, why, why am I here, what am I doing here, how do I do this, what now, what next, okay, it’s not so bad, in the grand scheme of things this is nothing, I’m blessed, blessed beyond measure, this really isn’t hard compared to so much of what I’ve been through, and it’s nothing compared with the challenges other faces, so what if a tub of yogurt costs $8, and so what if my apartment rent is enough to, well, never mind, so what, this is nothing, but still, oh God, oh Lord, why not just turn back, why not quit, shouldn’t I, should I really stand, walk on, press on, go forward, really, God? And so run my thoughts – until the Spirit of God lovingly, boldly, emphatically steps in with this.

Do not doubt because of what you see and feel.

This isn’t about me, friend. Nor about my testimony. Not my experiences. It’s about ALL OF US. The last time I had these wild thoughts, I had just arrived in a Virginia hotel where I ended up staying for 11 months when the Lord first called me out onto the road full-time for Him and ministry. I had given up a quiet, simple, super affordable life near the beach in South Carolina in a fully owned only by God’s grace house with lots of land and fencing for the dogs. Had I lost my mind? In the world’s eyes, probably. In God’s eyes, I had been faithful. I had made a decision by faith rather than what I saw and felt. Despite my doubt, which God took care of, I hung in there, put my trust in God as best I could, and I was utterly blown away by how many hearts and lives the Lord reached through my little ministry in a relatively short period of time. I had had to lay aside what I saw and felt and live by faith.

Here I am again. With the same choice. To live in doubt, or to walk by faith. To live by faith. In Jesus. Doubt doesn’t please God. Faith does. Trusting Him does. Believing Him does. Today He reminded me HE sent me here. HE has and will provide for me. HE has and will lead me. HE knows why He brought me here. HE knows every life He will reach in New York City through this little ministry. HE knows every way in which HE has and will continue to bless me.

Still, this is not about me. I’m just an example. Of the faith walk. Of what it looks like to say, hey, no matter what we see, no matter what we feel, we have a decision to make. We will make our decisions and take our actions according to what we see and feel, or will we look to Jesus, will we look to God, will we say, no, flesh, no, self, no temptation, yes, God, yes, Jesus, I will follow you, by faith, I will live by faith, I will place my trust in you, moment, by the next moment, by the next one, believing you will lead me, Lord, believing you have a plan, Lord, believing you are Lord, Lord, loving you, being loved by you, being loved by you first, then loving you, now following you, because you Jesus are Lord, you Jesus are God, and I am yours, and you are mine, and together, forever, we will be, no matter what I see, no matter what I feel, I belong to you, and I, dear Jesus, my beloved Lord, I will follow you, so lead me, Lord, so love me Lord, and help me not to doubt, help me to trust you, help me to please you, by believing in you, by believing you, oh, how I love you, Lord, thank you Lord, thank you, for teaching me, Father, to walk by faith.

Thank you, Lord, oh, thank you!

Friend, live by faith. No matter what you see. No matter what you feel. CHOOSE to put your trust in Jesus Christ as Lord. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. For Him! Yes, for the glory of the Lord most high, oh yes! Hallelujah, amen!

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