Do Not Steal This


“Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

“I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart,
And I will glorify Your name forevermore.” Psalm 86:12

I was working on my writing one day when the Holy Spirit said to me, “How does this glorify me?”

If the truth be told, I did something awful. I waved Him aside. I managed to convince myself it really wasn’t God speaking to me. Or, if it was God, it really wasn’t that important. Surely I could just keep writing. Surely I could avoid His question. That’s exactly what I did. But He wasn’t through with me just yet.

I walked away from my writing, then returned. Still working on the same piece. Still avoiding the Lord’s question. I tried writing. I couldn’t seem to really get anywhere. I was not totally stuck. Just sluggish, slow. Why couldn’t I move forward with the devotional? I sensed the Lord asking me at one point what the message was of what I was writing. I didn’t respond. I kept trying. To no avail.

Then the Spirit of God pierced my heart with His conviction. He spoke to my heart that I was writing the piece I was writing NOT to glorify Him. I was writing to glorify myself! I was stealing His glory! I was taking the credit for something I had no business taking credit for. The message of what I was writing wasn’t to glorify God. It was to draw attention to me.

I knew what I needed to do. The words “I am sorry” are only words. I had been caught stealing, and I needed to repent. I don’t believe there’s any worse kind of stealing than trying to steal the glory that belongs to God. How would I repent? I needed to DELETE – to fully erase – what I had written. And, if I were to ever write on that subject again, it would need to be for one sole purpose. To bring glory to God – the one who deserves all the glory all the time.

Please be careful, friend. The Lord’s glory belongs to Him. Taking God’s glory is stealing. Trying to draw attention to ourselves instead of bringing glory to God, instead of pointing people to Him, instead of giving Him the praise, honor, and credit that belongs to Him, that’s stealing. Stealing from God almighty! May we be ever careful to give the Lord the glory that belongs to Him and to be careful not to be caught stealing it for ourselves.

Is it not pride that causes us to steal God’s glory? Pride is an abomination to God. Pride is sin. And pride has horrific consequences. When we see pride in our hearts and actions, we need to repent from it and humble ourselves before the Lord.

To the Lord be all the glory, AMEN!

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