Do You Long for This?


Do you long for the Lord and for an ever-deepening personal and intimate forever relationship with Him and to love and serve Him with every ounce of your heart more than you long for anything or anyone else in life? Oh, may this be so!

I used to see believing in the Lord Jesus Christ as little more than religion, rules, and regulations and living a boring, hard life ever striving to live up to a whole lot of obligations all the while being deprived of the life I really wanted. Ugh.

Today, I am passionately, fervently, zealously 100% devoted to the Lord and to loving and serving Him with every ounce of my heart. What changed?

The more time I have spent alone in God’s presence, loving Him, praising Him, worshiping Him, singing to Him, praying to Him, seeking Him, reading the Bible, hearing Him, being loved by Him, transformed by Him, purified by Him, led to repentance by Him, forgiven by Him, experiencing Him, enjoying Him, drawing closer to Him as He draws closer to me, learning from Him, learning of Him, delighting in Him, and living to love, adore, serve, and glorify Him, the more I have come to know Him personally and intimately. This has resulted in an ever-growing love for Him – and an insatiable longing to love Him ever more and to humbly serve, honor, praise, worship, magnify, rejoice in, and glorify Him to the utmost now and forever!

The longing is a fruit of God’s love, of God’s very Holy Spirit living inside me!

Oh, may you long, long, long to love, serve, and glorify the Lord with every ounce of your heart this very day and forevermore, AMEN!

Lord, draw us ever closer to you! Lord, give us a longing for you! Lord satisfy our longing with more of you, oh Lord! Lord, increase our faith in you and help us to be totally devoted to you every breath of our lives, oh Lord, AMEN!

“Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry soul with goodness.” Psalms 107:8-9 KJV

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