Do You Need a Push?

So much for my doctor’s appointment, not that I was altogether excited about going to the dermatologist to more than likely be told I should amp up the sunscreen when I love getting a tan. But instead of the quick errand I planned to run on the way to the doctor to pick up a loving donation of homemade belly bands to hold paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon’s diapers in place, I found myself smack dab in the middle of an intersection waiting (and trying) to make a left turn – broken down.

This was my first day out of the house in several days since I’ve taken advantage of the grey sky and rainy-ish weather to buckle down on my writing and other ministry related endeavors. I certainly could have used a little reprieve from the ministry’s 16 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs, not to mention an opportunity to be around some people for a change. But my plans had suddenly – and quite obviously – changed.

In the midst of my mini panic at being broken down at an intersection with a few cars behind me at various points confused and perturbed by my refusal to budge even when the light turned green, it didn’t even cross my mind that maybe somebody passing by might give me a push to get me out of the way and back to where I needed to be. I was quite frankly too focused on being broken down to figure out how exactly to get out of my predicament. A push? Never crossed my mind.

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Besides, the last time my car broke down and got towed, and the time before that one (yes, it goes with the territory of an aging car, I suppose), nobody stopped to help me – let alone consider giving me a push. Okay, granted, one of those times I was broken down in my own front yard on a little private road. The bottom line is that God knows me well enough to know that sometimes I simply need His intervention to show, and send me, what I need.

“Hey, need some help?” a young man asked as he strode over to the window of my car as I sat in the driver’s seat way too close to traffic. I had been able to get the engine running again, was able to drive about two feet, and then boom. It wouldn’t run. Several times, in fact. Too dangerous to go any further. I didn’t want to break down in the lane of oncoming traffic while the light was green only to get stuck there when the light turned red and the oncoming traffic moved ahead. I hadn’t even seen the man pull over in his truck, let alone start walking over to my car.

“I can push you out of traffic if you want,” he offered. “We could both push.”

“I just don’t want to get stuck in the traffic,” I said. “But I would love your help.”

“I’m sure we can do it,” he said confidently.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here like this,” I said. “Embarrassing.”

“This has happened to me plenty of times,” he shared. “That’s why I figured I’d help someone else in the same situation.”

“Hey, need some help?” a voice called from another truck as it pulled near.

“Sure,” the first man responded.


“Okay, put your car in neutral and you steer,” the first man said. “We’ll push.” Great. I got the easy job. Go figure.

Amazing. God had known exactly what I needed. Two strong men to push me and my car out of the way.

Less than five minutes later, I sat in my car at a gas station as the second man walked away not even waiting for a thank you. He hadn’t given his time and care and strength for a thank you. Humble. I was able to thank the first man before he walked away. I could see his humility also. So thankful.

Within minutes, I sat in my car beginning to write this piece as I waited for Morris Garage in Bluffton, SC, to come tow me away. Strong supporters of Walk by Faith Ministry, with a heart specifically for the work I do with special needs dogs, the gentlemen at Morris Garage have a history with me of towing and helping, towing and helping – and laughing. Not only do they fix my car, not only are they gracious and generous, and not only do they fix my paralyzed dogs’ wheelchairs, but they are patient – and humorous – as I call them periodically with my latest car story – and predicament.

“Help! I’m in the middle of an intersection. Help me not to panic!” I had told the owner Jeffrey Robinowich almost as soon as I had broken down in the intersection. That was call number one. They know me well. Second call. Jeffrey again. Third call. His son Phillip. All my calls. Patient. Kind. Patient. The tow truck driver even drove me to my PO Box to pick up the donation for paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon. Then he drove me home before hauling off my car. Humble. All of them.

I never did make it to the doctor’s office, but I got the push I needed. I got the tow I needed. I got a whole lot of kindness and help and compassion.

I am reminded of all the pushes – and tows – I have gotten in my life. Sure, my car has been pushed and towed a fair share of times. But more than anything, I, myself, have received plenty of pushes and plenty of tows. For I have often in my life found myself broken down – with loss, grief, abandonment, addiction, rejection, abuse, divorce, and plenty more. Yes, I have often found myself in the intersections of life, in a panic, not knowing how to get out of my broken down place to the place where God wants me. Sometimes, I called upon the name of the Lord. Other times, I did not. Sometimes I reached out to people to help me. Other times, it never even crossed my mind.

But all along, just as with my car, God has known what I have needed. And He has always sent help. Sometimes He has pushed me from heaven. Sometimes He has sent strong men and women to push me. Sometimes He has towed me from heaven. Other times, He has sent human tow trucks to tow me out of my broken-down places.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when my car started and ran perfectly as soon as the men pushed my car into the gas station. The gentlemen at Morris know me well enough to send the tow truck anyway. They figured they better check my car before I get back on the road. Sometimes God does the same. Even if I think everything in my life is running smoothly, He tows me off to His station to check everything out and tell me just where I stand.

I may not have a car for the next few days, but I will have plenty of time at home to move ahead with my ministry work now that the Lord got me once again out of my broken down place.

My car may not be up and running again yet, but I certainly am. Running into the arms of the Lord!

A hearty thanks to the two Good Samaritans whose names I do not know for giving me a push. A big thanks once again to Morris Garage and the big-hearted Robinowich family for their towing and fixing and loving help and support. But most of all, a humble thank you to the Lord for daily sending me His love, His help, His pushes, His tows, and above all else His precious Son Jesus to the cross to pay the penalty for my sins so I get to have a relationship with the Lord and spend forever with Him in heaven. 

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