Do You Trust Me?


“And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.” Psalm 9:10…………..

“But I have trusted in Your mercy [unfailing love, steadfast love, lovingkindness per other versions]; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.” Psalm 13:5

“Do you trust me?” the Lord said to me one morning

“Yes,” I replied. “I just wish you would make things easier.”

“If you trust me, it doesn’t matter if things are easy or not,” the Spirit of God essentially spoke to my heart. “Because you know I will carry you.”

As usual, as always, the Lord wasn’t letting me be satisfied with where I was in my faith in Him, in the degree to which I trusted Him. He was, and is, ever taking me further down the road of faith, of trust, teaching me that no matter how much I believe in Him now, and trust Him now, there is ever more, and an ever deeper, degree and level to which I need to go and grow in believing in Him, in trusting in Him, in following Him.

That day, He helped me see that when my faith is strong, when my trust is strong, in Him, not in myself, not in this world, then it shouldn’t matter if things are easy or hard, or harder, or easier, in my life. Because when I trust Him utterly, I know He will lead me through anything, through everything, no matter my circumstances, challenges, no matter the obstacles and hurdles, He will carry me, He will take care of me, He will guide me, He will provide for me, He will keep me safe in Him, He will love me, and be kind to me and patient with me, and teach me and grow me, and help me to love and follow Him. True trust in Christ isn’t based on our circumstances nor on us nor on others. True trust in Christ is based on Christ.

Friend, trust isn’t about what we see with our eyes, what we feel in our hearts, what we face in the details of our everyday lives. Trust is about the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s not about how big our challenges, but how immeasurably big and great and wonderful and marvelous and magnificent and great and strong is God almighty!

Our human nature is to look to our circumstances, to our feelings, to appearances, to ourselves, to others, to life, to the world around us, to determine our degree of trust in God, isn’t it? But trust in God isn’t about us or this world. It’s about the Lord! And no matter how much we trust in Him today, and believe in Christ now, we have the opportunity to ever being growing in faith as we who follow Him draw ever closer to Him and to His Word.



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