Dog Update


Just checking in to let everyone know yesterday I lost my sweet little Baby dog, about 17 years old. He had an amazing life. He was rescued years ago about 30 minutes before euthanization several states away along with another dog and sent car by car along the east coast to me. The other dog became a beloved dog of mine for years, and Baby was adopted to a friend.

Sadly, my friend ended up after some years moving him into her garage without adequate heat and AC. When I learned that a very elderly dog was living in those conditions, I begged God to send him back to me. My friend refused. But about a year or so later, when I agreed to take Baby and another of her dogs, she agreed. He had been with me ever since, enjoying his life with the other special Walk by Faith Ministry dogs. Yesterday I made the very difficult decision to let him go. I am so very thankful to the Lord for all those He has placed in my care through the years. And I thank Him for His mercy for all the times I have fallen terribly far short, and am so thankful for the dogs’ forgiveness when I have done so.

My ministry is continuing to grow, my opportunities to minister to people in extreme situations, and in any situation at all, are continually increasing, and I still have 12 special needs and senior rescued dogs in my care. I feel blessed and privileged that God would take someone as devastatingly broken for decades as I once was and use me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while ministering His love to a world in need with my greatest desire to love and serve and glorify Him with my every breath. While the doggie pack in my care is slowly becoming smaller, and I will not be taking in any new dogs in the future, and while I continue my obvious transition to ministering to more and more people as I press on as an evangelist and author fulfilling my life’s calling with fire in my bones to preach the Gospel whenever and wherever and to whomever I am led through the spoken and written word, I am so thankful for how the Lord has used the dogs through the years to bring me to people in need, to teach me so very many lessons and to help grow me in His image, to bless me with their company, and to bless them with a home and “mommie” they probably would not otherwise have had especially for those with extreme needs.

There is a very powerful short video of how my ministry was birthed through a homeless man, a homeless dog, and a broken woman called RED’S STORY. I hope you will consider viewing it and perhaps passing it along.

Love & blessings,


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