Hi everyone,

Please forgive me for the delay this year! I normally do this in January, but as many of you know I’ve been on the road now for nearly two years loving and serving the Lord with my 5 special needs doggies in tow and He has been blessing me with so much personal and ministry growth and so many ministry opportunities near and far that it’s totally impossible to keep up with it all!

That said, many of you know I use an old-school bookkeeping system and without the most modern technology I don’t do receipts as high-tech and rapidly as many others in this day and age! So as I do every year, I simply let all loving donors know I would be so very happy to provide for you a receipt for your donations for 2018 upon request. I usually just email it with the trust the donors can then print it out and keep it for their tax records.

If you need a receipt for 2018, please contact me at or 843-338-2219.

Thank you beyond measure for your love and generosity!


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