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Sunday. Resurrection Sunday. I stayed home from church because my beloved 15.5 year old dog Jake, rescued years ago from a life outdoors with no veterinary care, no vaccines, and heart worm disease, who has sacrificed years of love and attention as I have attended to the needs of the countless other people and dogs who have come into my care, is dying. Right in front of my eyes. I took him to the vet recently believing it was time for heaven, but the vet diagnosed him with bone cancer and suggested a special procedure to see if it would help give him a few more months of quality life.

Several times in the past 6 months or so, I have come into my bedroom
and found Jake with his paw – or nose – on my Bible…..
a true Walk by Faith Ministry dog…… beloved Jake….
thank you God for all the years you’ve given me with him…..

His bone cancer is such today that he can no longer walk on a rear leg, has collapsed several times, and has been in such excruciating pain that I have him on more medication than imaginable. I am guessing tomorrow may be his time to go to heaven, though the timing is in God’s hands. Sweet Jake is so phenomenally bonded to me that even in his current state, if I leave the room, he tries to get up to get back into my presence. Please read my recent inspirational pieces on how much I have learned about pursuing God as I have watched sweet Jake pursue me by scrolling down on the ministry’s home page.

I found Jake like this on my bed with his nose resting right above the scripture
“enter into the joy of the Master.”

Donations are needed for Jake’s recent care, his final visit to the vet whenever that will be, as well as Walk by Faith Ministry as a whole as I continue to seek the Lord’s face and pursue my life’s mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. The ministry comprises inspirational writing/publishing, praying, preaching, distributing the Lord’s provisions to people in need, and providing sanctuary-style care to 17 mostly special needs & senior rescued dogs, including Jake. The ministry operates on a bare-bones budget, and I live on a personal bare-bones budget as I pursue my life’s calling. I would be incredibly grateful for anyone who would like to make a donation for Jake’s care, for the ministry as a whole, for any aspect of the ministry including the inspirational writing, or to become a monthly sponsor of any chosen amount.

Thank you & God bless you!!!!!!

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