While I really like to keep my birthdays very quiet and to spend them peacefully with the Lord Jesus Christ and my special needs ministry dogs since for about 6.5 years now I have been on the road for ministry and far from family and close friends most of that time, I cannot help but mention my birthday as an opportunity to make a really big special plea!

Would you please consider a DONATION or becoming a MONTHLY SPONSOR to my Good News Ministry to help me fulfill my life calling?

I also welcome people who would like to simply make a PERSONAL MONETARY GIFT via VENMO to me personally to help with personal expenses.

Donations and MONTHLY SPONSORSHIP to the ministry are tax deductible while PERSONAL MONETARY GIFTS are not.

I am 100% devoted 24-7 to fulfilling my life calling to be a totally devoted Jesus follower and to help people worldwide to be totally devoted Jesus followers and to experience and enjoy a forever relationship with God!

You can DONATE or become a MONTHLY SPONSOR by clicking on the DONATE BUTTON or by contacting me at 843-338-2219 or to make a PERSONAL MONETARY GIFT via VENMO.

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