Donations for Lara’s Journey Forward!


Wow. Hard to believe following decades of brokenness beyond human hope the Lord miraculously saved me, has been transforming me ever since, called me into ministry, led me to sell my little house and give most everything away, pack up my special needs & senior ministry dogs, & be on the road full-time for Him and my ministry work for what in April will be 5 years! Writing and publishing and doing streets / hotel / beach ministry with what now are my last 2 beloved special needs dogs paralyzed Miss Mercy and Gracie both hit by vehicles years ago.

By God’s grace, yesterday I drove from coastal South Carolina to Virginia where I will be for just a few weeks before heading back to the streets of New York City along with Hoboken, New Jersey and surrounding towns.

I would be thankful beyond measure if you would be led to sow into Good News Ministry to help me press on in fulfilling my life’s calling to be a totally devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and to help others become & remain the same!

You can donate on my website at, or you can contact me at 843-338-2219 or if you would prefer to donate via check, cash, and/or another method.

Please pray, pray, pray as you are led! Being on the road full-time in this day and age comes with a fair number of challenges including when it comes to safety, security, etc. And always thankful for prayers for excellent health, financial provision for my life’s work, the dogs’ health, and so on.

love & blessings,


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