Please help paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon get surgery related to his paralysis. As one of the 17 mostly special needs & senior rescued dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry, Mr. Simeon is a permanent fixture with his numerous canine siblings but has greater needs than many if not most of them. His surgery will involve removal of one of his nipples – the same surgery he had in 2013 for another nipple.

Mr. Simeon in his wheelchair with some donated toys…..

Due to his paralysis and his long periods of lying down when he is not in his wheelchair, he is prone to pressure sores. As for the nipple, well, it gets in the way! Given his severe skin alllergy & infection issues, the nipple issue wreaks havoc for him. Needless to say, he will soon have one less nipple – and hopefully be a lot better off! Thank you for considering a donation, and God bless you!!!

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