When it rains, it pours. If you live in coastal South Carolina, you will understand why much of my writing today has a “rain” theme to it. It’s been raining like cats and dogs. Speaking of dogs, Walk by Faith Ministry’s dogs are in need of veterinary care for a variety of issues. So rather than share the need of any one particular dog, I decided to share the list of needs and to ask the Lord to provide in whatever way He desires. Please consider being a part of His provision. Thank you, and Blessings!

* Hope – needs a mass removed and biopsied
* Speckles – needs a mass removed and biopsied
* Beckles – needs a mass monitored for possible removal, hopefully not
* Glory – needs monthly eye medications (she is blind and has 2 cherry eyes with other eye issues)
* Mother Theresa – has a mass we will not remove AND could use blood work to re-check her liver and other functions
As for me, I could probably use a vacation, LOL! Walk by Faith Ministry currently has 15 dogs in its care, including what used to be my own personal dogs. They are now all Walk by Faith Ministry dogs because we are truly all in this ministry together! 
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