Donations Sought for 15-year-old Sweet JAKE…….

Some of you might remember not too long ago that when I lost my beloved ministry co-founder Red, I felt that I would likely lose my sweet Jake at the same time. The Lord blessed me immeasurably by keeping Jake in my life all these months since. Jake needs to go to the vet to get two x-rays of his leg, as he is in a lot of pain and having difficulty walking. His back pain seems much more manageable with his medications, but his leg is a different story. I would be very grateful to anyone who would like to make a donation toward his care. I am raising $250 for his care. DONATE BUTTON is below……!

I came into my bedroom one day to find
Jake “reading” the Bible……..

Fifteen-year-old Sweet Jake, who has been with me for many years after coming into my life via my ex-husband, has graciously shared my love, time, care and attention with countless other rescued dogs through the years. He has sacrificed the life of a regular family doggie so that I could work with all the other dogs that have come in and out of our lives.

Jake had been an outside-only dog with heartworm, no veterinary care, vaccines, or flea/tic prevention, and left for several days at a time with another dog and a massive bowl of dog food. I literally had to DRAG him indoors. Over time, I had to DRAG him outside because he decided AC, heat, and comfort sure beat living outside. Jake currently lives in my bedroom with paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon and disabled dog little Miss Miracle, with periodic visits from Abigail.

On a different day, I came into my bedroom
and found my beloved Red “reading” the Bible….

Despite Jake’s pain, he follows me in my room to get as close to me as possible, and walks back and forth to my bed to get right in my face as I read and write. He is so excited to see me when I open the door to let him back inside after his bathroom breaks that he literally does a little “run” despite his pain. His love for me is amazing, and I would love nothing more right now than to give him all the care he needs to bring him comfort as he lives out what time He has left on this earth. The way Jake loves me is such a reminder that I need to follow the Lord in the same way – always keeping my eyes, and heart, and attention on Him. I wish I could say I do this with the Lord even close to how well Jake does this with me!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and donations!!!!

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