Donations Sought for Mother Theresa

Leave it to a 14-year-old special needs senior dog to humbly ask for help again for her medical needs. Or, more honestly, leave it to her caretaker (me!) to ask on her behalf for donations again for her continued care. The mass on Mother Theresa’s leg has grown to such a point that it is quite a challenge for her to get around, at least without lots of discomfort. She also could use some senior blood work once again to check on her liver that has been treated for some time now as well as her other functions. Her veterinarian will attempt to aspirate the mass to pull fluid out and give her some relief. This was attempted by another vet some time ago to no avail, but I believe she may get some relief this time. At her age and with her health, there are no other apparent options.

Mother Theresa has received one miracle after another, and I admit I thought she was on her way to heaven over a year ago. But she just keeps on trucking. She appears to have no intention of packing her bags for heaven anytime soon, so I am raising funds for her continued assisted living at my home which is more of a sanctuary than anything these days!

This special dog’s owner planned to shoot and kill her, her rescuer abandoned her in flight from the police, the family that housed her next kept her in a pen outdoors dirty and in need of medical care, and she was so severely attacked by a foster sibling when she came to Walk by Faith Ministry that she nearly lost her life and it took over 2 hours of surgery and two operations to put her neck back together. Now, at 14, she continues forward with her simple life enjoying South Carolina’s hot weather, her enormous yard with her fellow Walk by Faith dogs, and her Mommie (me!).

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