Donations & Sponsors Needed


Would you please do me a favor? Would you please pray to the Lord to see if He might lead you to become a monthly sponsor or donate? I only periodically put out the word I could use financial support for this ministry of the Lord’s, but unfortunately most of the time this past year or so exceedingly few people have stepped forward to lovingly and generously give. In fact, when I recently shared my heart for 20 new sponsors, one person blessedly stepped forward to begin next month. Rest assured I am so very thankful for the few who are helping, but as my ministry work moves forward, I sure could use more people coming alongside me in support of the work to which the Lord has called me…!

I have made recent very expensive purchases for printing the Gospel tracts & Faithful Magazine devotional that goes into homeless shelters, prisons, onto the streets, and around the country to people for individual or distribution use. The total for printing equipment, toner, paper, and an additional printing service provided offsite is somewhere close to $10,000 toward which nobody has yet donated!

I also have ongoing housing & provision needs as a missionary moving from place to place and am currently in New York City for a season.

I also have ongoing doggy needs for the ministry’s handicapped & senior rescued dogs the Lord uses regularly to introduce me to people with whom I share the Gospel, for whom I pray, whom I encourage and help in believing in and forever following the Lord Jesus Christ.

I do not receive a salary. Any costs the ministry pays for my provision are simply for the purpose of enabling me to be available 24-7 for the Lord & for the people to whom He sends me to minister to & for the sweet special needs doggies included in the ministry’s care.

You might think $50 per month is too little to give, but it’s not. Or that $25 per month doesn’t matter. It does. Or that $100 monthly isn’t as much as someone else is giving. It may not be, but oh what a blessing it is. You might think $1000 is better used to buy a new television, but imagine how many people’s eternity could be affected if you sow that money into the writing & publishing & distribution of Gospel tracts and devotionals instead. Or think about how $5000 being sown into the ministry instead of into the next few years of yummy Starbucks coffees could be used to bring glory to the Lord through the work to which He has called me!

Those who know me and this ministry well know I don’t usually use traditional fundraising methods, I try to stay away from worldly methods of raising money, and I don’t continuously send out letters and such begging for people to write big checks. I do my best to simply share a need, and where things stand, and what help can be used, and how thankful I am for those who step forward in faith to help me in fulfilling my life’s calling to help people to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Would you please pray, and would you please contact me at 843-338-2219 or love@walkbyfaithministry.comif the Lord is calling you to become a monthly sponsor or make a donation. Oh, how thankful I would be! I am standing on faith in the Lord for His continued provision & sure do hope you might be a part of all this…..!

With love in HIS NAME,


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