Don’t Leave Yet


Do not leave where God has sent you nor stop doing what God has called you to do until you are clear God has called you to do so.

Ministry is service to the Lord and others in His name, and all who call Jesus Lord are to serve Him as His Holy Spirit leads us and empowers us to do so.

We are not to serve according to our fleshly wishes, ways, wants, and will but according to His will and His timing for His glory.

Seek the Lord. Pray. Read the Bible. Ask for and receive and be filled with and led by His Holy Spirit. Wait on the Lord. Hear Him. Obey Him.

Don’t leave until His Spirit leads you forth.

In the verse below, Barnabas and Saul [the apostle Paul]left Jerusalem once they had “fulfilled” their ministry (service) there. Wait until God makes clear you have done the same. Then go where He sends you next. Always careful to follow Him not your flesh.

Father, compel your people to seek you, to wait on you, to hear you, and to obey you. Help us not leave where you send us nor stop doing what you have sent us to do until you say so. Teach your people to hear your voice! So many of your followers Father don’t study your Word and don’t seek you in prayer and fasting. So many are not sold out. I was there for so long, Lord, but you brought strong correction I desperately needed and led me to a place of total surrender. Give us all the love, mercy, grace, and strength to desire to do the same, oh Lord. There is always more surrendering to do, isn’t there, Father? Help us all to go deeper and deeper in our trust in and faith in and obedience to you, oh Lord. AMEN!

“And Barnabas and Saul returned from Jerusalem, when they had fulfilled their ministry, and took with them John, whose surname was Mark.” Acts 12:25

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