Don’t Miss Your Blessings



How much of our lives do we spend missing our blessings? Last night, I discovered a most unexpected blessing in a most unexpected place at a most unexpected time. I would have missed the blessing altogether in the past because I was too focused on my challenges to enjoy God’s manifold blessings.

As I headed into the doggie building after a typically super-long day of taking care of the never-ending labor of love of Walk by Faith Ministry, I expected to get the four doggies who live there all ready for bed. But for the second time in several days, I was more than surprised by the newest addition to Walk by Faith Ministry – a bird! 
Angel the bird who now lives in the doggie building!
Now if you don’t understand my surprise, please understand this. Birds don’t typically live in little buildings with heat, fans, and air conditioning. They also don’t typically live in buildings with FOUR DOGS – including a hunting dog (Esther is still available for adoption, mind you!) and a dog who would give ANYTHING to capture and feast on a squirrel.
I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking the bird just happened in there once, got stuck inside when I shut the window, and couldn’t get out. Not so. Not at all. That’s exactly what I thought the FIRST time. But this was not the first time. And you don’t understand how I came across the bird this second time.
How? The bird POPPED its little head out of its NEST. Did you hear that?! Nest. Yes, incredible. Apparently, the bird decided that Walk by Faith Ministry still has room at the inn. In my estimate, 18 very special doggies (including three paralyzed ones) keeps me on my toes enough – not to mention all the zillion other things I do on a daily basis as far as the ministry is concerned.
Angel the bird’s nest and eggs in the doggie building!
But this bird undoubtedly realized that this ministry would be the perfect place to give BIRTH. Now please understand. There is an entire acre available for ALL the other countless birds. There is even a warehouse building that is wide open for the OTHER bird that has set up shop with its nest. 
This, however, is an entirely different matter. I suppose the bird felt that my daily care of the doggies in this building – including yummy dog food, water, love, etc. – would be absolutely perfect for her little kids. Maybe the bird supposed I wouldn’t notice the new addition(s) given how many dogs I have in my care.
Not so! Do you know why? See, to me, as I rushed to get my camera, what I realized is this. This is a BLESSING from God I would have missed in the past. Not only was I too preoccupied with my constant trials and tribulations, but I was far too interested in “BIG” blessings to be concerned with “SMALL” blessings. Talk about pride. Who was I to determine how God wants to bless me?
Do you know what? I was nearly in tears when I came across this bird and her nest. And, I was so blessed by this new addition to Walk by Faith Ministry, that I figured I better give the little bird a name. 
Angel. Angel and her little eggs, and her BIG doggies that are her new roommates. Or, is it the other way around? The doggies’ new roommates. Pretty cool, huh? 
Please don’t miss your blessings. Please don’t limit God to how He chooses to bless you. Open your heart to His love, salvation, deliverance, mercy, forgiveness, grace, healing, redemption – and to all the endless beauty of His Creation.

“The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”
– Psalm 24:1 KJV
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