Don’t Try to Fix It!


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

A relatively new beautiful sister in the Lord of mine turned the tables on me one day. Usually I’m the one challenging her with something I believe the Spirit of God wants me to say to her. This time was a different story. She confronted me with a hard message concerning a hard situation. Little did she know my history. And little did she know how much I needed this message not just concerning that hard situation, but concerning all things. Let alone little did she perhaps know how I believe so very many of us, if not all of us, need to hear this message.

“I believe the Lord is telling me to tell you, “Don’t try to fix it,” “ she essentially said.

I had received some hard news, and the Lord knows more than anyone my long history of jumping into stuff with the intention of trying to fix it. Situations, circumstances, relationships, people with problems, myself, whatever. He had long since shown me the pride in this, the pride of thinking I have an answer or at the very least should have an answer. He  had also shown me the fear that something bad could or would happen to someone or in some situation if I didn’t do something. He had also shown me the selfishness of not wanting to lose something or someone I loved and thus feeling like I should jump in and try to do a fix-it job. And He had shown me the worry that if I didn’t do something, nobody else would. He had also shown me the overwhelming sense of responsibility I had carried on my shoulders for as long as I can remember regarding others and helping them. And He was using my sweet sister in the Lord not only to remind me of all this, I believe, but to pass this message along to others who perhaps need to hear it. Like perhaps you.

When you read this, do you sense the Lord speaking to your heart? This is what the Spirit of God has taught me regarding, “don’t try to fix it.”

  1. The Lord’s followers are to be led by the Lord’s Spirit, NOT by our flesh.
  2. We need to repent continually of any sin in our hearts and lives, including pride, fear, worry, etc.
  3. We need to be ever filled with His Spirit and His Word to live according to His ways.
  4. When we in our flesh jump into a situation, relationship, with a person, etc. to try to fix it or the person in our own flesh according to what we in our flesh think is best, we are pridefully in disobedience to the Lord and interfering and very likely getting in the way of what He desires to do and very likely thus not available for what He does want us to do in our lives.
  5. The Lord most assuredly does use His followers to love, help, and serve others, His way, according to His will, in His time, for His glory, BUT when He does, HE is the one leading us by His Spirit rather than us running the show in our own “strength” according to our own ways, plans, desires, and, pride.
  6. We need to purge from our hearts and lives any sin in repentance before the Lord, be filled with Him, seek Him, pray to Him, study His Word, listen for His voice, hear Him, and obey Him, remembering to give Him the glory and not taking any of it for ourselves regarding how He may or may not use us to help someone in need, to help in a certain situation, etc. Instead of flying forward in the flesh trying to “fix it”, we need to lovingly, humbly, and thankfully submit ourselves to Him as His vessels so He can through us if He so desires or not through us if He so chooses do what He in His infinite love and wisdom and mercy and grace and sovereignty and according to His plans knows needs to be done.

Why did the Spirit of God use my dear friend to give me that message that day? I believe it was to REMIND ME of what He had delivered me from, to WARN ME not to go backward, to be EXCEEDINGLY SENSITIVE to His Spirit so I would know how to address what I faced, AND to share with others this message with the hope they, too, you perhaps included, will hear the wisdom of the Lord in this.

Don’t try to fix it!

Let the Lord lead the way…!

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