Don’t Turn Back


Don’t Turn Back

 “I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

I knew when I was given 24 hours’ notice to evacuate from coastal South Carolina with Hurricane Matthew making its vicious, violent way up the southeast coast that God was sending me back to the Virginia / DC area from where I had moved just over six years ago, and, despite several options for much closer by places to evacuate, I knew I needed to obey. Just weeks before, I had sensed the Lord telling me I would start traveling again and that He would send me back to the Virginia area, but it was hard to believe. After all, I had not been away for a single night in all those years due to the numerous special needs and senior rescued dogs in my care and the lack of physical help I had with them. I would never be able to travel with so many dogs, or so I thought. But God used a hurricane to bring His plan and purpose to pass. And, so it was, I found myself one day later hurriedly with a beloved friend He sent to help me loading up a rented cargo van with 10 dogs, their supplies, a few garbage of clothes, and, most importantly, my Bible, some Bibles to distribute, Gospel tracts and devotionals, and copies of the latest book I had written. And off I went. Little did I know what would happen that night.

When I found a hotel miraculously willing to allow me and the 10 dogs with me to smoosh ourselves into one of its rooms, I had some of the most powerful suicidal thoughts I had had in years. On the surface, I know it was the exceeding stress of caring for up to 19 dogs at a time in years past and how burned out I was, combined with leading the ministry God has placed in my care, but it went much deeper than that. The devil was once again trying to end my life to stop me from continuing any further in helping people to become and remain forever Christ followers. If he couldn’t convince me to kill myself, at the very least, he wanted me to get back in the cargo van and turn back to where I had come from rather than keep following God to where He was leading me.

The next day, alive by God’s grace alone, albeit exhausted, discouraged, and distraught, I became confused and thought maybe I shouldn’t evacuate to Virginia. But God gave me the clarity and strength to keep following Him rather than turn back. The ministry opportunities in Virginia have been endless including numerous ones in my hotel, doors are opening wide to new contacts, resources, provision, and future ministry, the people support I desired for years is falling into place, and the Lord is ordering my steps as He leads me forth in ministry with my heart more on fire than ever to proclaim Christ to the world. If you are clear about where God is leading you, don’t turn back. Follow Him wherever He leads you!

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