Enjoying God’s Will


The last thing I ever expected is that I would one day truly enjoy doing God’s will. I always thought of God’s will as uncomfortable, hard, not enjoyable, contrary to my desires, involving sacrifice, risk, and challenges, boring, unpopular, and lots more undesirable. Could God’s will ever be truly rewarding, genuinely fulfilling, and outright enjoyable? Now I know the answer. Yes!

Truth is God’s will can absolutely be hard, challenging, boring, unpopular, sacrificial, etc. It most assuredly can be polar opposite from what our flesh longs for. But I have discovered when I give myself over wholly to the Lord and His Word, two most wonderful things happen. First, I take great pleasure in living to love, worship, serve, and obey the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, forever Christ, and growing ever closer to Him in the process. Second, I have come to actually enjoy much of what He gives me to do and desires that I be when I yield myself totally to Him.

This subject came to mind when I started writing my most recent book, 365 Blessings. I had fought for several years against beginning the book project and finally surrendered as I should have done from the start. I didn’t want to write another book knowing full well how exceedingly few people have written my previous books. I also didn’t like aspects of what He’d laid on my heart to do with the book. Honestly, I chose to obey Him because He is God and not because I had any desire in my heart to write it. Within just days, I found myself truly enjoying His will. And that made me think there has been time after time in my life following Jesus that God has given me significant enjoyment when I have chose to obey Him.

I hope you will be encouraged to LOVE GOD, to OBEY GOD, and not to miss the blessing of ENJOYING GOD’S WILL even when your flesh might not desire it. Most importantly, be encouraged to enjoy the greatest gift of all in doing God’s will. The love and fellowship and drawing closer to GOD HIMSELF!

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