Facing Decisions? Facing Changes?


   “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

   “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12

Praying. Praying. I was praying my heart out. And walking. Fast. Fast praying. Big praying. Passionately praying. Walking, walking, walking. My English coonhound Esther, yet to be adopted, was trying to keep up with me. Suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to stop praying.

“Look down,” the Holy Spirit said to me. I looked down. Kept walking. “What do you see?” As best I can recall, this is what ensued.

“The road,” I said.

“What else do you see?” He said.

“Gravel,” I replied.

“What else?”


He asked again. Then on and on.

“Sparkly things…My feet…A dog walking…A woman walking her dog.” On and on we went. You get the picture.

At last I had come up with just about everything I could think of. I wondered what was going on. Was I really hearing from God? After some time going back and forth, He made it abundantly clear I was.

“What else do you see?”

“Sunlight.” That’s when it happened. The Lord showed me what He was doing.

“Keep walking forward,” He essentially said. “I will light your path.”

I was facing big decisions and enormous change. I knew the big picture of what He wanted but despite continual prayer had not yet heard Him speak to me about the details. It was very exciting – and hugely scary. How would I get from point A to point B?

The same way, as God reminded me that day, He calls His followers to get through this life. For those who have turned from their sins, trusted in Christ as Lord and Savior, and genuinely committed their lives to God and His ways in exchange for His forgiveness and the promise of a forever relationship with Him, we don’t have to live in the dark any longer. We don’t have to grope to find our way. We don’t have to stumble over everything and bump into walls. We don’t have to become paralyzed with fear. Sure, we have our falls along the way, repent, and continue walking. But the bottom line is we no longer walk alone. We walk with the Lord. The one who is our light and by His Spirit through His Word lights our path as He graciously and mercifully invites us to walk forever with Him.

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