Faith Lesson from a Snowflake!


“For as the rain comes down, and the snow from heaven,

And do not return there,

But water the earth,

And make it bring forth and bud,

That it may give seed to the sower

And bread to the eater,

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;

It shall not return to Me void,

But it shall accomplish what I please,

And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:10-11……..

Years ago, as I angrily, self-pityingly heaved up massive shovels-full of snow from yet another blizzard so the numerous rescue dogs in my care could have just enough space to “use the restroom” outdoors despite the what turned out to be in some places up to five foot tall snow drifts, I begged, I mean BEGGED, the Lord to move me out of winter, out of the North, and back into the South, forever away from cold weather which I can’t stand and snow which I had seen enough of in one winter to last a lifetime. When I had first sensed Him sending me back North all those years ago, I was pretty much devastated. But I knew it was Him, and I couldn’t say no. Not to my Lord, not to my Savior, not to the love of my life forever. But now after several years back up North, I was BEGGING Him to send me back South. He answered my cries, but how shocked I was nearly 7 years later when He made it abundantly clear as He sent me out on the road full time for ministry that my first stop would be in the North. Oh my! I figured a few weeks in the North, then off He would send me. And surely come winter He would send me South – all the way to Florida, of course. Then along came reality – the first snow of the first winter back North. And it was during that beautiful first snow, which thankfully I did not need to shovel as I was no longer out in the country and was at a hotel where others would do the shoveling, the Lord blessed me with a lovely little faith lesson – in the form of a snowflake.

Though I had seen snow zillion of times in the past, going all the way back to my childhood, I had never thought of something until that very day as I watched the snowflakes. Snowflakes don’t know where they’re going. They don’t know their final destination. They don’t move on a straight and simple path. They don’t know what they’ll face on their way. They don’t know what they may come up against. They don’t always have the same snowflakes falling alongside them. They are sent by God, and they yield to Him completely. They are perfectly and wholly His to go where He sends them. They don’t fight, argue, question, doubt, worry, resist, rebel, or anything at all, along the way. They are not loud and boisterous, they don’t get into debates and arguments. They don’t fall into self-pity and misery because they don’t like their purpose. They fulfill their purpose without question. They bless God, don’t they, by being His, and they bless others as they go about their business. They stick to their business and don’t try to do others’ jobs. They are gentle, submissive, and pretty. They don’t try to be something they are not, nor try to do something they’re not born to do. They are perfectly content from start to finish of their “lives”. When they come nearer to the end of their little lives, they don’t complain. Nor do they ever complain, not at any point in their lives. They belong to the Lord. They honor Him by fulfilling their life’s little calling. And they bring Him honor, and glory, don’t they, by letting the world see how sweet and tender and beautiful they are. They also work perfectly well with one another. They don’t quarrel; they all work together to do their work as one body. Oh, how I could go on, couldn’t I? But I shall not.

I shall simply leave you with this. Let us give ourselves over to the Lord like snowflakes, giving our lives wholly over to Him, and following Him wherever He so leads us with the desire to bring Him praise, honor, and glory forevermore!


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