Falling in Love


“Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” Psalm 119:18

So often it seems I’ve heard people say they don’t like the Old Testament. So many people seem to stay away from it outside of perhaps hearing a sermon on it. So few people it seems dive deep into it of their own volition. I was the exact same way until the Holy Spirit got a hold of me and took me diving down deep into its endless infinitely precious treasures. Now I LOVE the Old Testament. Some people may think I love it because I’m a 100% Jewish Christ follower and that it’s a history of my people. Assuredly I treasure my people’s history. But there are 5 reasons I love the Old Testament. Perhaps you, too, will fall in love with it if you open your heart to the leading and teaching of God’s Spirit as I have done.

  1. It’s ALL about God. His splendor, His glory, His magnificence, His sovereignty, His power, His awesomeness, and on and on – and on! Oh, how stunningly gorgeous and glorious is the Lord!
  2. It’s filled from beginning to end with His unfathomable LOVE, right from the start when He creates the world until the end of it when He speaks of His beloved Son to come.
  3. His mercy is so indescribable that despite having every reason in the universe to give up on humanity because of our wickedness and send us all to hell and the lake of fire forever separate from Him, His endless well of mercy is available all the way through for those who will repent and turn to Him and live by His ways for Him!
  4. His grace, kindness, compassion, patience, and longing for humanity to come into fellowship with Him are so awesome that He WARNS humanity endlessly of His impending wrath because He doesn’t want us to face the horrific consequences of our sin and instead wants us to repent and come running to Him to be in His majestic, splendorous presence forever. He warns us because He loves us! He wants us to be with Him forever!
  5. His love is so indescribably amazing that He bathes us in the Truth that He will send us a Messiah – His very own Son – to save the world to bring the new, everlasting covenant and eternal Kingdom and reign of Christ to all those who will turn from their wickedness to Him and His ways forever! Oh, how marvelous is the Lord!

Yes, I get bored, intimidated, overwhelmed, confused, and upset sometimes reading the Old Testament. I am only human! But when I open my spiritual eyes, throw wide open the gates of the new heart God has given me, and yield to His Spirit teaching me His Truth, how  ever more in love with the Lord and His Word I fall. Oh, fall in love!

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