Falling in Love


I can honestly say I love the Lord more than I ever have in my life, and yet the challenges and circumstances in my life have been unbearably relentless day after day, week after week, year after year. It seems I barely come up for air before the enemy sucker punches me with another attack, and I wonder if my particular life is truly that important to the enemy or if perhaps I matter so little to the Lord that He allows all this with barely ever a break of more than hours or a couple of days in between attack after attack. But do you know something?
I have found in the past year and a half, as the grief has continued on, as I have hurt to no end, as the attack on my mind has just about gotten the best of me, as the loneliness has just about swept me under, that I have been faced with a clear choice. I could turn away from the Lord, as so many do. Or, I could press into His embrace and hold on for dear life. Not only have I chosen to run into His loving arms, but I have found in the midst of seemingly endless hurdles that I love Him more than I ever have. And, in between tears, I smile knowing I have the victory. The devil cannot steal my God. In fact, the harder he fights for my life, the more in love I fall with my Lord.

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