Foot Prints, Paw Prints, & Jesus Prints

If you look back at your life thus far, do you see how some people have left foot prints on your heart? When you look back at the animals you have known, do you see how some animals have left paw prints on your heart? Now what about Jesus prints? Which people and which animals have touched your life in such a way that you look back and see the love of Jesus more than the people and more than the animals themselves? One of my greatest aspirations is to leave Jesus prints on people’s hearts, and to leave Jesus prints on dogs’s hearts also. I recognized this aspiration when I was dragging my feet – and heart – through one of the toughest times in my life.

The man I had married had left me for the third time, and I really didn’t think I could take it anymore. Hadn’t my heart been broken one too many times? Actually, it had been broken too many times to count when I looked back at my life. I wallowed in the pain for as long as I possibly could – until I reached a breaking point. My heart was already broken, so this was a different kind of breaking. I had broken through to the other side of the pain and seen something I had not seen before – an opportunity. 
My husband at the time had decided to divorce me. This time, he would not be coming back. So what kind of opportunity could I possibly have? The Lord gave me a desire. I realized I wanted the man I had married to look back once he had divorced me and not see me at all. I wanted him to look back and see Jesus instead. The Lord had told me that if I truly loved him, I would desire to see his relationship with God strengthened above my own desire to have the marriage and husband I wanted. God asked me to lay my life down, including my foot prints. 
God gave me the desire and ability to love and forgive all the way through the divorce, the day of the divorce, and ever since. He gave me the desire and ability to leave Jesus prints on my ex husband’s heart. Though I did not receive what I had wanted in terms of a restored marriage, I received something even greater. I learned to  so love another human being that I was able to put that person’s relationship with God higher than my own human needs and desires. 
I am grateful for all the foot prints people have left on my heart, and I am grateful for all the paw prints dogs have left on my heart. But most of all, I am grateful for the Jesus prints both people and dogs have left on my heart by the way they have laid down their lives, sacrificed and loved with the love of God – for His glory. 
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