God Behind the Scenes


“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

“You’re dismayed because things haven’t turned out the way you want them to,” the Spirit of God spoke to me one day. “But you can’t see what I’m doing behind the scenes.”

What a powerful, beautiful, albeit sometimes hard to hear reminder that we can only see with our human eyes, and that we might not always be pleased and content with our circumstances, but that we can’t see what God is doing behind the scenes as He weaves together His plans for our lives and this world and ultimately for eternity for those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ as Lord.

I was indeed discouraged that day, a bit down, a little frustrated, because just like the Lord said my circumstances had not turned out the way I had hoped they would, at least thus far anyway, and the Spirit of God was bringing to my remembrance what is so wonderfully captured in the verse above. I couldn’t see what God was doing, but He was reminding me I could trust that He always works out what’s best always with the ultimate goal to bring Himself the glory He is so absolutely due. I didn’t know how things in fact would turn out, but what I could count on is that God in His infinite love and wisdom would unfold His will day by day as He so desired – for me, in all things, and with everyone, all the time.

Do you also need this reminder? That you might not like how things look, or feel, right now, but that you need to trust the Lord to bring His plan and purpose to pass with the ultimate goal of bringing Himself glory? Our job is not to orchestrate how things turn out in this life, but is instead to love and trust the Lord and to humbly obey Him in all things as He brings His perfect will to pass. Our hope, peace, our joy and contentment should not be contingent on our circumstances anyway. They should be contingent on the one who is forever. The Lord Jesus Christ.

We can’t see behind the scenes, can we, but we can choose to trust the Lord in all things, and desire and aspire and strive above all else to love and serve and obey and honor and glorify Him forever, Amen!

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