Does God Feel Loved by You?


“We love Him because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19……………………..

God has a heart, you know. Read the Bible and you’ll see. How often, I wonder though, do we focus on how God loves us rather than focusing on how we should love God? And how we should express our love to Him? He tells us in His Word our love for Him comes because of His love for us, and His greatest command to us is to love Him. I wonder then, does God feel loved by us? By me? By you? God sees our hearts. He sees our actions. He hears our words and knows our thoughts. He knows our decisions. He sees what we focus on, how we spend our time, what and whom are our greatest priorities. When He looks at us, and our everyday lives, our every breath, the steps we take through our days, does He feel loved?

When God looks at your heart, at your thoughts, at your decisions and actions and words, when He sees how you spend your days, He who knows you through and through, what does God see? Does He see you love Him? Is He your greatest priority? Is He your greatest love? Is He your first love? Is He?

Love the Lord, friend, oh love the Lord! May your every breath, and your every step, may all that you are and all that you do be devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ forevermore!

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