When God Says STAY


“Your kingdom come.

Your will be done

On earth as it is in heaven.” Mt. 6:10………………….

Not long after the Lord gave me a message to write about not leaving a person, place, or situation unless it’s the Lord leading us to do so, I sensed He had another message for me related to the issue of leaving versus staying. So I waited until I knew He had placed another message on my heart. And here it is.

If God is telling you to STAY with a person, in a relationship, in a location, at a job, in a situation, etc., even though you feel like you really want to or really must leave, because it’s just too hard, too painful, too scary, too boring, too unproductive, too uncomfortable, too risky, too insecure, too inconvenient, too challenging to your flesh, or for any reason at all, here are three concrete things you can – and should – do.

  1. Stay and TRUST GOD
  2. Stay and SEEK GOD
  3. Stay and BELIEVE God will give you EVERYTHING you need to stay including His love, His strength, His mercy, His compassion, His comfort, His wisdom, His discernment, His instructions via His Word, His leading via His Spirit, His chastening when you need it, patience, forgiveness, His provision, absolutely anything and everything you need in order to STAY in obedience to Him for as long as He desires you stay until IF IT IS HIS WILL He desires you leave IN HIS TIME for HIS GLORY.

If you have repented of your sins, believe Jesus is Lord and died on the cross for you and was raised from the dead, and have TRULY GENUINELY SINCERELY REALLY committed your life to Christ whereby you spend time with Him, study His Word, are part of His Body and fellowship and assemble with fellow followers, and have asked for and received the baptism, or gift, of His Holy Spirit, and are not only sealed with His Spirit and indwelt by His Spirit but are ever filled and re-filled with the love and power and gifts and fruits of His Spirit, then THE LORD WILL PROVIDE ALL YOU NEED TO STAY where and with whom and in what He wants you to stay.

Why should we STAY when we want to, or think we should, leave? FOR THE LORD. In HIS LOVE, in HIS MERCY, in HIS STRENGTH, by HIS LEADING, filled WITH HIM, LED BY HIM, for HIS PURPOSE, for HIS PLAN, to bring GLORY to HIS NAME!

Friend, TRUST GOD.



Most of all, LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART and LIVE FOR HIM through Christ Jesus who is Lord forevermore!












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