God Sends Another Canine Angel


Some followers of Walk by Faith Ministry may remember my beloved Angel Gabriel, who went home to be with the Lord last May 14 after only a few months under my care. He was found wandering the streets of Michigan as a sack of almost hairless bones. I asked the Lord, why would I only have such a short time with him. The Lord gave me these words, which I now use often in our ministry: It’s Never Too Late to Know the Love of God. Just two days ago, the Lord sent another canine angel.
The Lord has perfect timing, doesn’t he? Angel, who was already named before she was sent to Walk by Faith Ministry, arrived just days before the one-year anniversary of Angel Gabriel’s journey to heaven. Thanks to God and a woman with a phenomenal heart who helps the most severely abused and neglected dogs from around the nation, this Angel was whisked out of a shelter prior to euthanization. She was then hospitalized for weeks, before being sent on a 2-seater plane with her own private pilot to Northern VA from the South.

Sweet Angel was found just like Angel Gabriel – wandering the streets, a sack of bones, and mostly hairless. She also has an old leg injury possibly caused by a car accident, front teeth almost completely ground down, and had a mass removed. Just like Angel Gabriel, despite the challenges she has faced, she has only one thing to give – love.

Angel has settled in quickly. She is resting a lot, enjoying her outdoor time (when the sun shines), eating more than plenty, and lavishing in the love of God and the love He pours through me.

If only we humans would remember even in the hardest of times we have an opportunity to love. With God’s heart, it really is possible. If Angel can love like she does, with the Lord’s love no matter what we face we have the choice, and the ability, to love also.

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