Is God Telling You to LET GO?


“Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ” Phil. 3:8

When the Lord told me to let something go, it didn’t surprise me.  What surprised me was all His Spirit told and showed me after an incredibly fiery trial and a long season of what felt like incessant crying out to Him for help.

  1. He showed me what He wanted me to let go was something I never should have taken in the first place and that I had done so because of the sin of FEAR.
  2. What He wanted me to let go I had assumed was and made my responsibility when in fact this was not the case. I had taken on the responsibility based on the sins of LACK OF TRUST in God that He knew what was best and would handle the situation accordingly and PRIDE that I needed to take responsibility since nobody else was and FEAR of what would happen if I didn’t take responsibility and step in.
  3. The Lord had sent me one major messenger along the way to show me I needed to LET GO, and I had responded to the messenger with the sins of ANGER, BITTERNESS, HURT, PRIDE, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, FRUSTRATION, ACCUSATION, JUDGEMENT, and CONDEMNATION because I would not humble myself and admit my inability to LET GO and in response to the messenger’s own sin in the situation which never would have transpired if I had LET GO in the first place. I repented and forgave but was still unable to receive the message until months later.
  4. I had COMPLAINED (sin!) incessantly and cried out to the Lord in anger and anguish because of the burden I had borne regarding what I had taken on, and it turned out it was MY FAULT I was bearing the burden because He never asked me in the first place to do what I had done!
  5. The Holy Spirit showed me the reason the Lord had not answered my continual cries to Him to answer my prayers to remove from me what I had taken on and what I needed to LET GO in the way I felt was best and easiest is because He chose to use the situation as a phenomenal albeit exceedingly challenging TEST of my LOVE FOR HIM and my FAITH IN HIM whereby I would have to SURRENDER the responsibility 100% to Him according to His plan for His purpose without having any idea whatsoever what would be the ultimate result of my LETTING GO.

And so it was I needed to repent of all the SIN in my heart, and actions, before God, and to forgive those I needed to forgive, to seek the forgiveness of any and all I had hurt, and to LET GO 100% of what I had taken on that was never mine to begin with. An absolutely awesomely DIFFICULT but EXCEEDINGLY REWARDING lesson in LETTING GO.

For LETTING GO in the context of the life of a Christ follower isn’t merely about LETTING GO but it’s about in LOVE FOR GOD and in OBEDIENCE TO GOD being WILLING and CHOOSING to 100% LET GO of ANYTHING and ANYONE God wants us to LET GO – INTO HIS HANDS for HIS PLAN and HIS PURPOSE for HIS GLORY.

When it’s time to LET GO, my friend, it’s time to LET GO. We can pretend all we want, and try to convince ourselves all we want, and try to rationalize and justify and excuse why we’re still holding on. But when we know in our hearts what we’ve done is wrong, or are doing is wrong, when we know it’s not God’s will, when we know He’s telling us to let go, when we know now is the right time, or when He tells us when will be the right time, when it’s His desire we surrender something, or someone, or some relationship, or some dream, or some bad habit, or some addiction, or some blatant wrongdoing, or some wrong job we took, or some absolutely whatever or whomever, there’s only one answer. We need to give all to God. We need to LOVE HIM, and in our love for Him we need to OBEY HIM. No matter what the LETTING GO costs to the comfort and feeling of security and desires of our flesh.

LET GO, dear friend. When He tells you to, what or whom He tells you to, not for your sake, but for His.

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