When God’s Already Spoken


“He who is of God hears God’s words…” John 8:47

“I’ve already spoken,” the Holy Spirit essentially told me one day. “You want to hear something other than what I’ve already given you.”

Ouch. Convicted. So true. I was down on my knees waiting to hear from God. And what He told me wasn’t something new; it was what God had already spoken. A few hours before, the Lord had told me what He wanted my work priority to be that day. But there I was, back on my knees, like He hadn’t already spoken. Looking for a different directive. For new wisdom. Fresh wisdom. Something exciting and different. Than what He’d already given me. And what, as He reminded me, I had so quickly and conveniently forgotten. I needed the reminder. I so often do. Thankfully, in His grace and mercy, the Lord brought to my recollection what He had already spoken. So this time, I would not forget. And so I would not only remember, but so I would also obey.

Friend, sometimes we seek God and seek God and seek God and wait on God and wait on God and wait on God and pray for wisdom and pray for wisdom and pray for wisdom only to discover He has already spoken. And that we need to remember what He has already spoken – and obey – regardless of how we feel about what He has already spoken.

Sometimes we treat God’s will like a big buffet table, picking and choosing what we’re in the mood for, what we’re hungry for, taking some stuff, leaving behind the other stuff, forgetting some things on the buffet table because we’re much more interested in something further down the table that looks more yummy and delicious. God’s will is NOT a buffet table. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, and when God speaks by His Spirit to our hearts which will always line up with His Word, we need to listen, we need to remember, and we need to obey – no matter how we feel about what He has already spoken.

If you’re seeking and seeking and seeking God about something, is it possible He’s already spoken? If so, please obey what He’s already told you. If you don’t sense He’s already spoken, or He has already spoken and you have already obeyed, seek Him again. Seek Him more. Seek Him continually. Seek, listen, and obey. For HE IS LORD!

In the scripture above, Jesus Christ is speaking to people who do not hear God because they’re of the devil, but in those precious eight words contained within what He is sharing, He makes utterly clear GOD’S PEOPLE HEAR GOD. May we who follow Jesus as Lord take the time to SEEK GOD and TO LISTEN and make sure we OBEY HIM.

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