God’s Operating Room

God is so cool, as one of my friends likes to say. If I only had words to describe how cool – and amazing – He truly is. Just this past week, He used four people in three parts of the country to teach me a life-saving lesson. Several nights ago, I had so much difficulty sleeping that I brought my laptop to bed and started writing. By morning, after almost no sleep, I had absolutely no recollection of one of the articles I had written. But God in His infinitely awesome ways, jarred my memory.

The following afternoon, I received an e-mail from a ministry leader up north about how the Lord had ministered to him through the article I had forgotten writing. God’s timing, as always, had been perfect. But how would I have known to write the article in the middle of the night, let alone to write on that very subject matter? I didn’t know, but God sure did. Little did I know what God would do next.

In the article, I had written about the “open heart surgery” I underwent over the past few years. Notice the tense I used. Past tense. I described in the article how over several years God literally opened my heart and began a long, slow, grueling, refining, purging, and so much more process of cleaning out the heart He had given me when I was born again through faith in Jesus. My heart had become so hardened and so full of sin that His love simply could not pass in and through it. So He set me on a gurney, delivered me into the surgery room, and began the open heart surgery.

As I wrote in my article, I believed I was through with the surgery. The day after I wrote the article, two friends were ministering to me over the phone through prayer, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and plenty of love. My friend had a vision as they ministered to me and shared it with me.

“Lara, God is showing me that you’re in the operating room having surgery,” she said.

God is so cool. He used my writing in the middle of the night in South Carolina, a ministry leader’s need to be ministered to through the article up north, and two friends traveling from the north to the south to teach me my life-saving lesson.

If God is not finished giving me open heart surgery, I have no business jumping off the surgery table and running out of the operating room with my heart wide open and my surgery incomplete. Thank God for His endless mercy. He stood patiently waiting over the surgery table waiting for my imminent return.

I can’t speak for the ministry leader up north, nor for my friends traveling from the north to the south, but I can speak for myself. God is so cool that in orchestrating all of this He reminded me that I have the best surgeon in the whole wide world. And Jesus already paid the price for my surgery.

Eze 11:19  “And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh.”

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