God’s Perfect Time



“To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:” Ecc. 3:1

A great orchestra conductor knows exactly what instrument in the hands of which person needing to play precisely which notes at what PERFECT time for what overall effect in the grand scheme of everyone with all their instruments with all sounds working together for the greatest good to achieve the master plan whereby all comes together beautifully and blessedly in one whole perfectly orchestrated orchestra led by the conductor leading them all.

Every note has its time and place, and every musician his or her precise time to play, his or her assigned notes, and oh what a beautiful and powerful and unforgettable sound may come when everything is timed just right! The conductor sees and is responsible for the whole picture, and each musician is responsible simply for his or her part at just the right time.

One of my greatest lessons about God’s will has come from the mistake I have made far too many times – seeking and hearing and knowing and being willing to obey God’s will for me with something in particular but neglecting to seek Him for HIS TIME and to WAIT PATIENTLY for that time no matter how immediately that may be, or how in the near future, or how even a long ways down the road it may be. I have consequently made a mess of the music, so to speak, by not waiting for my conductor’s time – the Lord’s PERFECT time!

God is the perfect conductor of our lives, of this earth, of the universe, He sees the whole picture, and He knows the PERFECT time for each instruction, each direction, each assignment, each responsibility etc. He gives us.

Our job is not to run behind Him, nor to run ahead of Him, but simply to walk with Him in love, humility, obedience, in all things, in HIS perfect time, for HIS purpose, for HIS glory!

Don’t just seek His will. Seek His time. And, rather than question Him, simply, lovingly, and humbly obey Him. In all things. His will. His PERFECT time. For HIS glory! Amen!

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