Good News Daily – April 28


Dear friend, 

I am so overflowing with the love and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ today that if you gave me a loudspeaker that would broadcast my voice all across the entire world, I would be shouting at the top of my lungs for all to humble themselves, repent, turn to the Jesus Christ as Lord who died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead, and truly once and for all wholeheartedly devote their lives to the Lord and His ways forevermore! If it’s possible, I’m falling in love with the Lord more by the second and more excited and passionate than ever before to tell the world about Him.

Do you wonder where all this love, zeal, passion, and fire is coming from? It’s from the Lord! From His Holy Spirit! From intimate time with Him daily not just in one set time apart with Him. But personal time with Him throughout the day and night even as I go out about whatever I do in a given day. Continually chasing after Him. More and more filled with Him. More and more in love with Him, yes! And oh, how I want the world to turn and fall in love with Him and chase after Him also!

I don’t have such a loudspeaker, do I? But would you help me? Would you pray for me and this ministry, and would you consider forwarding, posting, cross-posting, and sharing my Good News Daily writing and Video Devotionals far and wide? Would you consider ordering my Finding the Light Gospel tract and Lara’s Good News Magazine devotionals and distributing them? Would you consider donating to my ministry to help me fulfill my life’s calling to help people worldwide to find and follow the Lord? Is the Lord leading you to any of this? Oh, I hope so!

If you are led to help in any or all of these ways, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Please find below today’s TWO MESSAGES in writing & one new VIDEO DEVOTIONAL!

love & blessings,


A Wild Way to Live

“A new day! Hallelujah! Lord, your will is?” I wrote to the Lord one day.

Why? I was seeking His will for me that day. Me, who had acted like little lord of my little life for years. Seeking the Lord for what I needed and wanted, but seeing Him as little more than God who would love and provide for me. Oh, how prideful, arrogant, confused, and wrong I was. Jesus Christ is Lord! And I belong to Him.

We who follow Jesus aren’t to live for ourselves. We’re to live FOR HIM. We’re not to pursue our own will. We are to pursue HIS. We are to pursue HIM, to pursue pleasing HIM, and to keep our hearts and ears ever open to His Holy Spirit revealing to us His will for us as He equips, enables, and empowers us to fulfill it.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning totally surrendered to the Lord and His will not just for that particular day but for the rest of your life? This is what we should strive for, friend. To live wholeheartedly for Him. Day after day – and forever. Sincerely and wholly yielded to Him. Living for Him. Desiring to know His will for us so we can live according to His will for us. According to His will, yes, and according to His ways.

What a wild way to live, isn’t it, for those of us who have spent so very long living for ourselves according to our own dreams, agendas, plans, and purposes. What a wild way to live, isn’t it, to so trust the Lord, and to so love the Lord, and to so believe in the Lord, that we yearn to know His will each day so we can aspire to bring Him pleasure, joy, praise, and glory as we work hard to do what He desires. Denying self, dying to self, living for Jesus, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, forever God! AMEN!

This is the way it should be, isn’t it? Hallelujah, absolutely, glory to the Lord, YES!

Lord, help us to live utterly and wholeheartedly day in and day out – FOR YOU! To you be all the glory, AMEN!

“and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.” 2 Cor. 5:15

A Surprising Distraction

Distractions can be dangerous when it comes to believing in and following Jesus. We can get off course, off track, and find ourselves following our flesh, the world, and/or the devil instead of faithfully following Jesus. Some distractions are obvious, others less so. One distraction I have found along the way is quite surprising because it doesn’t on the surface anyway seem like a distraction at all. But assuredly, it’s a surprising distraction.

Helping people in need. Yes, this can be a distraction. How so? We absolutely should help every single person on this earth THE LORD LEADS US TO HELP. WHEN THE LORD LEADS US TO HELP THEM. HOW THE LORD LEADS US TO HELP THEM. WITH WHAT THE LORD LEADS US TO HELP THEM. ALWAYS LED BY THE LORD. FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD. But – But? Yes, but.

BUT for those of us who love to help people, and even for those of us who may not love to help people but feel obligated to help people, there are times we might go running to someone’s rescue to help when it is NOT THE WILL OF THE LORD. What happens then? We are distracted from doing what the Lord DOES want us to do with the time and resources and abilities and gifts and calling He has given us. So we are unable and unavailable TO OPERATE IN GOD’S WILL because we are in fact helping someone or some people OUT OF GOD’S WILL.

I am particularly vulnerable to getting distracted in this way because of my extreme love and passion for the Lord and for helping people to find and follow Him. I can sometimes find myself caught up helping someone the Lord did not lead me to help all the while missing the opportunity He in fact has given me to do something even including helping others instead.

Friend, let’s be careful to avoid any and all distractions from the Lord and His will for us. Let us include in avoiding distractions being careful not to go rushing to help others when it is not at least at that time in that way in that manner God’s will. And should we find ourselves already caught up in being out of His will in this way, let’s swiftly repent and return to the Lord and what He desires for us to do.

Father God, thank you for all the wisdom YOU HAVE GIVEN ME through the years right in the Bible and by your Holy Spirit directly to my heart always in line with the Bible and through my life’s experiences. I thank you for the privilege of sharing this wisdom with others. And I thank you for this particular albeit challenging message. Please bring conviction to us all when we are out of your will in this way. And please speak to us daily concerning what your will is so we can be in it and help us to stay in it. Help us to avoid distractions and to walk away from distractions when we have already gotten distracted. Above all else, help us to learn day by day to keep our focus on you, your Word, and your will for our lives. All for your glory, dear Father, dear Lord, AMEN!

“I delight to do Your will, O my God,
And Your law is within my heart.”” Psalm 140:8

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