Good News Daily – January 6

Dear friend, 

Oh, how excited I am. So much change in my life! So much change in my ministry! The Lord is continually transforming me as He grows me – and what now is called Good News Ministry. Feels like it would take a zillion years to share with you all the change. Suffice it to say I am thrilled – and so privileged to share the fruits of the change with you!As you will see, my Good News Daily has undergone a huge change in format. Instead of categorizing the messages the Lord gives me, I am trusting Him to simply give me the messages He wants me to share with you each new issue and trusting He will lead you to the ones He wants you to read. Or, in the case of the Video Devotionals, the ones He wants you to watch!

I am also so incredibly joyful that just when I thought I might catch a break and have less responsibilities, He is giving me more. And the love, grace, and strength to press on! One of these additional responsibilities is beginning to write my next book. My 8th one, by God’s grace alone! And, just like when I wrote 365 Blessings and was compelled by the Lord to share it with you online even as I wrote it, the Lord is leading me to share with you my new book – even as I write it.

So the messages you read in Good News Daily, Lord willing, will be the messages you see in my next book! Hoping you’re as excited as I am! And trusting for some of you that reading the messages in book form in your quiet time alone with Jesus or whenever you’re read to read them will be a blessing. Not to mention I love the opportunity to send my books out to prisons, homeless shelters, and/or to whomever the Lord leads as I press on in this labor of LOVE for Him!

A new year! Lots of newness! Praise the Lord!

Please enjoy my latest devotional messages below! And please be sure to scroll all the way down to see the whole issue!

love & blessings, Lara

I Like This But…

“Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

I was thinking about something I liked when I remembered this is not the way to make decisions as a believer in Christ as Lord. Just because I like something doesn’t mean it’s the Lord’s will. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. I may like something, but this doesn’t mean I should do it or have it or go there or buy it or work for it or anything at all. I have learned to seek the Lord and to trust He will make clear WHAT HE LIKES.

I don’t want to live according to what I like. I want to live according to what Jesus likes. What He wants. What He desires. Because I don’t want to live for me. I want to live for Him. Oh, sure, this can be tough sometimes. But it’s always rewarding when I choose the way of Jesus.

You may like something, friend, BUT. Is it the will of the Lord? Seek Him and find out. Then do what HE DESIRES. What HE WANTS. What HIS PERFECT WILL IS! For Christ’s sake. Yes!

Surely This is Your Will God, Right?

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

“Don’t try to convince yourself what isn’t my will is my will,” the Holy Spirit who lives inside Jesus’ followers said right as I was in the midst of my usual daydreaming. Oh, how experienced I am in convincing myself something that isn’t the will of the Lord is in fact the will of the Lord. Then off I go enjoying what really is my will not the Lord’s.

This message is for you, friend, for He has compelled me to share it with you. We humans who are born into a sinful world become quickly accustomed to living according to the world’s ways by which we strive to please the flesh rather than to please God. Then, along the way, we become experienced in excusing what we choose to do that displeases and dishonors the Lord.

When we follow Jesus, we need to learn to live according to God’s will not ours. And we need to not try to convince ourselves that our wishes, ways, and wants are His will when they are not. Let us live for Jesus, friend, and entrust ourselves to Him.

Sorry Ain’t Enough

“Awake to righteousness, and do not sin;” 1 Cor. 15:34

“A simple sorry is not what I desire,” the Lord spoke to my heart. “I want you to eradicate it from your life.”

Wouldn’t it be something if all we needed to do is run to the Lord when we do something wrong, ask for and receive His forgiveness, and run right back into the sin we fell into? Oh, but that’s not the way it works!

Just like the Lord reminded me that day, we need to TURN AWAY FROM THE SIN. We need to LEAVE THE SIN BEHIND. We need to choose WHAT IS RIGHT instead of WHAT IS WRONG. We need to “eradicate” the sin from our lives. In other words, we need to GET RID OF IT! How? In the strength of Christ!

Certainly we should seek the Lord’s forgiveness! But, most importantly, we need day by day to leave the sin behind and walk forward in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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