Have Suitcase, Won’t Travel

My heart is His, and it doesn’t take a plane ticket, a suitcase, and a travel itinerary to get to Him. The love of my life lives inside my heart, and it’s a good thing He’s near me 24-7 because this is how I would describe my travel life. Have suitcase. Won’t travel. But why? After all, God goes wherever I do. So why don’t I just book a flight, gas up the car, or grab a ticket for a cruise? Have suitcase. Won’t travel. Easy answer. I already told you. My heart is His.

Little Miss Miracle, a senior disabled dog rescued from severe neglect,
sits atop her pretty pink suitcase…!

So when I find myself living on a tiny personal budget, a tiny ministry budget, and tied up with running the entire ministry with no staff and virtually no volunteers, not to mention 18 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs, just imagine how easy it is to make travel plans. Of course, I could pack up my heart, my faith, my Bible, and my laptop, and head off just about everywhere to lead the ministry just about anywhere, except. Except this. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, I am on call to provide sanctuary-style care to three paralyzed dogs, 1 dog missing rear feet, 1 three-legged dog, 1 dog missing some toes, 1 blind one-eyed dog, several nearly deaf dogs, 1 senior dog needing loads of medication, 1 senior disabled dog, a bunch of other senior dogs, and a very few more independent ones, well, you can only imagine. Imagine what?

Can you imagine how often I complain about not being able to travel? Never. But why? Is it because I live in a beautiful part of the country not too far from the beach (the Hilton Head area, South Carolina)? No, that’s not why. Is it because I don’t like to travel? No, that’s not it either. So why? Have suitcase. Won’t travel. Don’t complain. Because the greatest adventure I have ever been on takes place right where I am. Loving the Lord. Serving the Lord. Loving my neighbor. Sharing the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. Walk by Faith Ministry’s mission. My mission. Talk about an adventure!

So maybe some people find taking a cruise to the Caribbean, or a flight across the world, a whole lot more appealing than changing endless dog diapers, getting dogs in and out of wheelchairs, vet visits, feeding, walking, letting dogs out and in, in, out, in, preaching at an assisted living facility, writing books having no idea how many people will actually read them, writing DAILY INSPIRATION online and other inspirational writing that any amount of people may or may not read, and living totally single with just about no social life on a tiny budget totally sold out to the Lord. And maybe it would be a nice change once in a while to pack up a suitcase and take off for who knows where, but in the meantime let me say this.

No vacation, no travel adventure, could ever measure up to what I have right here at home. Every day of my life loving, and living for, and growing in, and dancing in the arms of my Lord. Enjoying the journey of a lifetime. My journey with God.

Have suitcase. Won’t travel. I already am. With Him. It’s a journey of the heart, isn’t it? And it doesn’t take a suitcase. It takes repentance, faith, a Bible, and a surrendered heart. I won’t finish off my adventure with postcards and souvenirs. But who needs souvenirs in heaven anyway?

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