HELP WANTED: Donors 2 Help Lara


Dear friend,

I would be blessed beyond measure if you would consider DONATING TO or SPONSORING my ministry to help me as I’ve been on the road full-time for about 4.5 years now with my special needs ministry dogs helping people worldwide to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

I do not get a salary. I live extremely economically to enable me to be devoted 24-7 to the Lord and ministry. I am a writer & evangelist who is totally devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ and to helping people to become and remain His forever followers. I have personal savings thanks to a blessing God sent through some very special people some time ago that I try to draw minimally from. I have a few sponsors and a few donors but would really love significantly more help going forward to help me follow the Lord forth!

I have no staff, and my only volunteer gets the mail and makes bank deposits. I am led to forsake all for the Lord and have no entertainment or social life nor do I take vacations or live a life of comfort, ease, and luxury. I am utterly devoted to loving, worshiping, serving, praising, honoring, obeying, and glorifying God and helping others to do the same. My heart’s cry is to help people have a relationship with the Lord now and forever instead of ending up in hell and the lake of fire in forever torment apart from God.

I am ever astounded that the Lord took someone as broken beyond human hope and repair as I was for decades and now uses me as His servant, vessel, and daughter to tell the world about Him. My struggles continue, mine is not the easiest life given my ongoing challenges, but I am blessed beyond description that God has used my personal challenges over the years to teach me His ways, to draw me closer to Him, to purify me, to prepare me, and to bring love, hope, comfort, encouragement, prayer, help with the Bible, and most of all the Gospel message to a world in dire need of Him.

I am currently in the New York City area, am seeking the Lord regarding my next locations, and believe I will soon be headed to my next location.

I am thankful to all led to DONATE, and am also exceedingly thankful to those led to become MONTHLY SPONSORS.

I am blessed, humbled, and privileged to be entrusted with this ministry for the Lord, and I am thankful beyond measure to those who help me to fulfill my calling for Christ!

Please feel free to call me at 843-338-2219 or to email me at or to visit my website at to DONATE or become a MONTHLY SPONSOR.

*** I don’t typically share this but wanted to let you know when I periodically let people know donations would be very welcome, my email goes out to several thousand people. Typically I get either no donations or maybe one or two at the most. Perhaps you would be led to pray that the Lord would place on people’s hearts to sacrifice and give for the cause of telling the world about the Lord Jesus Christ! And perhaps you might be led to give toward this crucial cause for Christ!

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